Amazon puts more junk in Audi trunks in Germany, sells BMW i3 in Japan

Amazon-Audi-AU150272_medium-620x930Amazon announced via its German website that Amazon Prime will deliver packages to Audi cars in Germany through a partnership with DHL. Across the globe, in Japan, customers can buy BMW i3 electric models on

Audi package delivery will first be introduced on a limited trial basis, beginning next month in Munich. Customers give an approximate location of their car and delivery time. DHL will be given one-time access to the Audi trunk with a special access code. The packages are placed in the trunk of the Audi.

The pilot is the first step for Amazon Prime Members to allow trunk deliveries worldwide. During the pilot service only Audi vehicles will be supported. The vehicle can be parked anywhere where a delivery truck can reach it, such as public parking, company car parks or on the street. There are no trunk return pickups. The technology allows the delivery only to vehicles registered for the service.

Volvo showed similar type of trunk package delivery at Mobile World Congress last year. Roam Delivery used a digital key to unlock the trunk. When the owner accepts the delivery, a digital key is activated that tracks when the car is opened and then locked again. Test customer testimonies showed that 92% of people found it more convenient to receive deliveries to their car than at home. Customers also said it saved time.

BMWieIn Japan, the BMW i3s are not delivered to trunks. After the customer puts the BMW i3 in the Amazon shopping cart, the customer has to wait for call from a BMW sales rep. The delivery and customer service of the vehicles are handled by authorized BMW i dealers in Japan and is a “one-off” test trial. The Amazon Japanese website shows all the details of the BMW i3.