Virtual Test Drive Nissan Rouge on Google Maps

Nissan Detour

Nissan has launched a multimedia detour ride using Google maps and images. Enter your starting address and destination address for visual virtual Nissan Rogue ride.In way, the Nissan Rouge is an un-connected car when it flies off the road at the end of trip.

The trip starts with a panoramic view and where you start and a red line is drawn to your destination.  Then it reads “Los Angles(or your city) is going Rogue .”

It states “Fantasy. Do not attempt. Cars can’t fly–yet.” Then you can look inside and outside the Nissan Rogue.

The Detour was created by Critical Mass, Google maps,y Guillermo Navarro,  Unit9, and Digital Domain/Mothership.

If you are not sure of exact address, you go on pre-programmed routes to Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and South Florida.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, we were given a tour of the head-unit of the Nissan Rogue (watch video).  It is on of the few infotainment systems that allows for Facebook updates.