Gen Y Want Connected Cars with Music and Safety Connections

GenYwantsGen Y car buyers want connected cars with safety feature reported Deloitte LLP.

Although Gen Y youth see car ownership as less important for mobility than previous generations, they do like affordable, technology-enabled cars and especially  like hybrid electric cars.

  • 56% of Gen Y want technology that entertains them while they are driving
  • 57% wish it were easier to customize a vehicle’s technology after purchase or lease.
  • Over 50% of Gen Y customers would like to connect their smartphone to use all its applications from the vehicle’s dashboard interface.
  • 72% of Gen Y consumers¬† want technology that detects the presence of other vehicles on the road.
  • 63 percent want technology that lets them know when they have exceeded the speed limit.

Respondents in the study noted:61 % of Gen Y expect to buy or lease a car within the next three years

  • 23 % of Gen Y customers expect buy or lease in a year.
  • 8% don’t ever expect to¬† purchase or lease a vehicle.
  • 29 % of Gen Y consumers would be willing to give up their personal cars, even as non-traditional mobility options like car-sharing and car-pooling services proliferate.

Gen Y consumer were born between 1977 and 1994.

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