PubNub Connected Car Solutions Kit for Devs

pubvehiclePubNub announced its Connected Car Solution Kit or developers to deliver , real-time transportation management and dispatch app for taxi, fleet management and delivery services.

PubNub  detects and connects dropped connections, with all messages tracked and time-stamped to the nearest nanosecond to ensure no loss of data. PubNub reports that platform insures offers real-time data.

PubNub was used for the GetTaxi’s global taxi dispatch platform.

PubNub’s Connected Car Solution Kit provides the following for developers:

  • Connectivity with dropped connection catch-up.
  • Navigation: Provides a real-time map view of all vehicle locations by streaming location data from each vehicle for delivery or arrival information.
  • Worldwide Access with mobile battery optimized.
  • Dispatch:Manages messages and response between vehicles and dispatch.
  • Availability of Vehicles with real-time fleet status and availability.
  • Geo fencing Program actions and alerts based on car location and geographic boundaries for example within so many miles of the office or garage.
Connected cars require real-time signaling for effective dispatch and tracking, yet vehicles constantly change networks and cell towers, lose connectivity, and drop dedicated network connections.
The PubNub Connected Car Solution Kit supports over 50+ SDKs and is globally-scaled, reliable and secure. For more information on PubNub’s Connected Car Solution Kit, is available at