Motorola Filed Patent to Connect Car Photos of Pot Holes

fig3motorolaMotorola has filed a patent for connected car commuters. Motorola’s patent will identify road hazards, take photos of them and them then send the problems to drivers en route behind the car using the technology.

The patent was filed by Motorola Mobility that is now owned by Lennovo.  It is not clear if Google now owns the patent or Lennovo.

The patent is titled “Inter-Vehicle Alert System with Nagable Video Look Ahead”

Google that formerly owned Motorola Mobility is part of the Open Automotive Alliance with
Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA.  The patented technology share hazardous road conditions with surrounding vehicles equipped with compatible devices.

The apparatus includes a video encoder, a camera and radio frequency modulation circuitry. The radio frequency modulation circuitry is operative to modulate a radar signal to include video data.

An inter-vehicle alert system controls the camera to initiate capturing video data which includes the video data. A method of operation modulates a radar signal to include at least a portion of the video data captured in response to detecting an obstruction, and transmits the radar signal to a second vehicle via an antenna array oriented at the moving vehicle’s rear.

Bloggers have noted that the system could be used for the self driving car and or be integrated with Google Maps an Waze information.

The system requires antenna transmission.