TeleNav Scouts with Auto OTA Updates Wi-Fi

carscoutTelenav partnered with Red Bend Software to provide over-the-air (OTA) map and point of interest (POIs) updates to Scout for Cars. Telenav Scout comes in two forms Scout for Cars Built In or Brought In.

Telenav makes navigation products for Ford, Delphi, Sony and QNX Car Applications PlatformScout for Cars connects the car with your phone and the cloud via Bluetooth, MirrorLink, USB or Wi-Fi.

Scout for Cars: Built In is a platform with navigation that integrates with smartphone to search, discover and drive places with a lower cost than other in-car navigation systems.

Scout for Cars Built In can work with or without a smartphone. It features commute times, local search, favorites and recent trips. It also has voice commands, one box search and contact addresses.

Automakers soon will be able to offer all the benefits of integrated, on-board personal navigation with up-to-date content and services.

Scout Brought In (coming soon) can be purchased in the Scout app on a driver’s smartphone. Users connect their Scout-equipped phone to a compatible car for navigation similar to a built-in navigation system, but without the high price tag, frustration of re-entering information or expense of upgrading maps and points-of-interest (POIs). Drivers also have quick access to all Scout favorites, routes, commute times, weather and traffic updates at a touch of a button.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Navigation Usage and Satisfaction Study, consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with their factory-installed navigation systems — due in part to outdated map content. However, on-board maps are hard to keep updated wirelessly because map file sizes are typically in the tens of gigabytes. The common alternative is to buy a CD or DVD for system updates, which is inconvenient and expensive to car owners.

At the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, Telenav and Red Bend introduced a demonstration of how the maps and POIs in Scout for Cars can be updated wirelessly using the Scout for Phones companion app.

With Red Bend’s automotive software management solution, Scout can download map updates over wireless or Wi-Fi networks. When the smartphone connects to Scout for Cars, it will automatically upload the updates to the in-dash system to provide drivers with the latest maps and content