Windows to Connect Cars with MirrorLink?

WindowscarMany cars run Windows CE or Windows Automotive, including BMW, Fiat, Ford, Kia, and Nissan. However recently, Ford opted for the QNX operating system from BlackBerry.

Microsoft is working on a head unit infotainment system that runs Windows. Windows Phone screens will display on the in-dash screen via MirrorLink. It was shown at the Windows Build Conference.

The system tries to cut down the “cognitive load,” keeping eyes on the screen less than 2 seconds, good screen sizing, end of small touch icons and most of the system running with voice activations from Microsoft’s Cortana system.

The cards on the screen are pinned with functions needed most like Windows Phone. Features include music playing, turn-by-turn directions by Nokia Here/BingMaps, voice search and text messages.

Some contend that because the system uses MirrorLink, it could be updated to older vehicles.

Connected car information starts at 31 minutes.