Mileage Reports Show Some Businesses Are Getting Back to Work Slowly

Motus, the definitive leader in reimbursement solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces, today launched its first Motus Mileage Trends Flash Report. Using data captured from the world’s largest retained pool of drivers, the report provides unprecedented insight into the current state of national business mobility. Further, it highlights how business mileage is evolving across locations and industry sectors

“Business mileage activity is a very compelling indicator of how well various regions and industries are adapting to the current coronavirus pandemic,” said Ken Robinson, manager of market research, Motus. “While we saw a drop in activity across the board in early March, the rate at which driving has picked back up is notably different depending on where you are and what type of businesses you’re operating in. We hope that sharing this data will help business leaders better understand how their own regional workforces – and other companies in their industry – are adapting to changing conditions, regulations and the overall market landscape.”

The first Motus Mileage Trends Flash Report reveals a rapid decline in business mileage activity beginning in early March, leading to a low point the week of April 5. Overall, however, there was a 12% increase in activity between March 16 and May 1, 2020. Additional findings include:

  • While mileage levels have remained fairly steady in most regions, May business trip volume is trending 11% higher than April in the Southern U.S. as states in that region begin to reopen.
  • Industries where driving volume is trending upward rapidly include Machinery; Energy & Environmental; and Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing. Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing has seen the greatest increase in May.
  • Industries where driving activity is recovering gradually include Automotive, Manufacturing and Business Services.
  • Driving activity remains low in industries including Retail, Oil & Gas and Hospitals & Healthcare.

Updates to this data will be released on a bi-weekly basis.