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The Best Features of Electric Vehicles from: Tesla, Chevy, BMW, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai & VW

Electric cars are good for the planet, are cheaper to drive and outperform many gas-powered cars in their class.

On a national average, it costs less than half as much to travel the same distance in an EV as a conventional car which equals about $1.11 gallon according to the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Electric vehicles are a very efficient, up to 80 percent of the energy in the battery is transferred directly to power the car, compared with only 14-26 percent of the energy from gasoline-powered vehicles, reports Energy.Gov.

Electric power is cleaner than oil and even when EVs are powered by dirty coal burning electric grids they produce less global warming pollution than gas-powered cars, reports the Union of Concerned Scientists. The group created an interactive guide that compares EV’s to gas powered vehicles according to how electricity is produced by zip code. Gas vehicles produce twenty pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas consumed. However, a Chevy Bolt in  Campbell California, factoring the manufacturing of the vehicle, the amount of CO2 produces about the same as a vehicle getting 104 miles per gallon.

Electric cars’ maintenance costs are low, they don’t need tune-ups, spark plugs or oil changes. Electric car buyers have noted that franchised car dealers don’t like to sell EVs because they don’t make money on services and parts.

One of the best features of every electric car model is that they provide a powerful quiet ride with quick acceleration from full torque without any emissions, reports Plug In America.  Also because most electricity is produced locally, there is no dependence on foreign oil.

Each individual electric car model offers qualities and features for certain kinds of uses, drivers and lifestyles as well as their own unique perks. Most electric vehicles qualify for the $7,500 Federal tax credit and there may be additional incentives from states. When you drive an EV, many states offer stickers for driving for free in the HOV (Carpool) lane with only one person in each car. Some cities offer free parking for EVs.

Some people and reviewers have balked at the numbers that most electric car battery charge mileage ranges are around between 85-125 miles per charge. According to AAA, U.S. drivers report an average round-trip commute length of 31 miles, while the US. Department of Transportation estimates that the average American drives less than 37 miles per day. For most drivers, battery charge ranges provide plenty of distance. This year, GM introduced the Chevrolet Bolt with a battery range of 238 miles on a charge which is a hot seller.  When the Chevy Bolt went on sale in January, there was a shakeup in sales of other EV models that means even better deals for electric car buyers.

The Best Features of the Chevy Bolt

The Chevy Bolt drives with fantastic acceleration that is better than gas-powered small hatchbacks with a 238-mile battery charge range that is better than most other electric cars. The interior is high-tech and comfortable with a ride that feels more like a sedan. The special Regen on Demand paddle slows the down the Bolt, regenerating energy and enables one pedal driving. The Bolt’s DC Fast Charging powers 90 miles in about 30 minutes. The back seats fold down for up to 56.6 cubic feet of storage.

Chevy Bolt Best Perks:

  • Teen Driver software is included.
  • Big center touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Available rear camera mirror gives a view of the rear of the vehicle that is not blocked by head rests, passengers and packages.
  • Available AT&T 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Available Surround Vision.
  • Free basic remote myChevrolet Mobile App for 5 years.
  • 5 years or 60,000 miles of 24-hour roadside assistance.

The Best Features of the  BMW i3

The BMW i3 offers a unique exotic artistic design with an eco-friendly open interior and sensitive driving modes.  This BMW could be called the “Ultimate Green Driving Machine.” The cabin consists of 25% recycled plastic and body is constructed with light carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The BMW i3 manufacturing process uses 50% less energy and 70% less water. Available Wool makes the seats soft and breathable. The side panel doors and dash are made from sustainable Kenaf plant fiber and available Eucalyptus wood from certified plantations in Europe can emblazon the dash.

BMW i3 Best Perks

  • Easy to see display on the dash.
  • Two-tone color combos.
  • Available Sun Roof.
  • Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, iPhone, Android BMW remote apps.
  • Available range extender.
  • Sustainable materials.
  • 4-year unlimited mileage roadside assistance.

The Best Features of the Fiat 500e (Available in CA & OR Only)

The best features of the Fiat 500e are that it’s fun-to-drive, feisty and super economical. Fiat touts the 500e as having Italian styling and calls it environmentally smart and sexy. Because the engine makes no noise, the Audible Pedestrian Warning System warns pedestrians and other drivers. Hill Start Assist helps maintain brake pressure until you step on the accelerator.  Its small size lets you fit into small parking spaces or add it behind the other cars in the driveway.


  • Available power sunroof.
  • Heated front seats with memory.
  • ParkSense Rear Park Assist System.
  • GPS Navigation with Voice-Activated Commands.
  • Free SiriusXM Satellite Radio with One Year of Service Included.
  • 3 years of free remote apps.

The Best Features of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai Ionia is roomier than most EVs and the only EV considered a midsize car by the EPA. The Ioniq is the most efficient electric vehicle on the market, with a rating of 25 kWh used per 100 miles driven. It is also expected to be one of the lowest priced EVs with good storage space. For sustainability, Ioniq uses eco-focused interior design materials such as bio-fabrics and recycled plastics incorporating sugar cane and volcanic rock derivatives.

Best Perks Hyundai Ioniq Electric

  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard.
  • Available trims with blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alert.
  • Hyundai smartphone, smartwatch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home remote app service free for three years.
  • Free map updates for 3 years with the Navigation.
  • Free Blue Link safety and security features Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Recovery standard to subscribers for 3 years.
  • The Blue Link Mobile App offers Charge Management for electric and PHEV models.

The Best Features of the Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric was released earlier this year.

The Kona Electric has 64 kWh lithium-ion battery. . Battery pack energy density is 141.3 Wh/kg (greater than Chevy Bolt), with a total battery system weight under 1,000 lbs. In addition, Kona Electric EPA-estimated MPGe is 132 city, 108 highway, and 120 combined.

The Kona Electric utilizes a standard Level-II on-board charging system capable of a 7.2 kW rate of charge for rapid recharging characteristics. Kona Electric estimated range is a segment-leading 258 miles, meeting the varying needs of owner lifestyles. An eighty percent charge can be achieved in 54 minutes with a Level-III quick charge .

Best Perks Hyundai Kona Electric

  • SUV space ans storage.
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Available Kona Electric radar systems also assist with the Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) to help detect approaching vehicles that may be obscured from view during highway driving
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collison-Avoidance Assist.
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, SiriusXM® Radio, HD Radio and next-generation Blue Link® LTE-powered connectivity
  • Heads-Up Display system is available.
  • Smartphone wireless charging.

The Best Features of the Kia Soul EV-e EV & EV+

Kia Soul electric cars are youth-oriented. Its coolest feature is the available air-cooled seats. Both heat and air conditioning drain the batteries on all electric cars. Heated and air-cooled seats help reduce the need to turn on the heat or A/C. The Kia Soul EV follows the design of the Kia Soul, with round speakers jutting out of the dashboard. This small crossover has a taller height and good cargo space. All 2017 models come with heated front seats, folding back 60/40 spilt rear seats and DC fast charger. Bio-based plastics derived from cellulose and sugar cane are found in many areas within the cabin, including the door panels, headliner, seat trim, roof pillars and carpeting.

Three models EV-e (CA only) EV and  EV+

Best Perks Kia Soul EVs

  • UVO eco app for remote features and charging with available UVO eco system.
  • Available Navigation, 8″ Color Touch-Screen Display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM, Traffic and HD Radio, AM/FM/MP3/SiriusXM.
  • Hill Start Assist.
  • Covered by Kia Roadside Assistance Program.
  • Available parking assist and parking sensors
  • Available panoramic sunroof
  • Available air cooled seats.

The Best Features of the Nissan Leaf

The Nissan LEAF is one of the first EVs on the market with a proven track record in which all the glitches have been worked out. The Nissan LEAF is a classic economical electric car with improved suspension for a smooth and a high nice view of the road.  The rear seats fold down ant the trunk has a hidden compartment. The 2018 model introduced a new more modern design with e-pedal (driving with the accelerator only)

Nissan now includes a 240 Volt level 2 cable that plugs into dryer outlets. 2019 model is expected to have a range of 225 miles which will mean heavy discounts when the model arrives at dealers. The 2018 model has a lot more gusto than previous models. Used 2013-2017 are usually very cheap to buy and operate.

Best Perks Nissan LEAF

  • Free data connectivity for available NissanConnect EV for remote charging with compatible models
  • Apple CarPlay available on SV and SL.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Hands-free text messaging assistant.
  • The charge port is in the front, making it easier to charge at stations.
  • Available: Navigation, heated steering wheel, 7”screen, quick charge and solar panel for the 12-volt battery, LED headlights, Around View Monitor.
  • No Charge to Charge Program provides two years of unlimited 30-minute free DC Fast charges and 60-minute Level 2 charges at participating No Charge to Charge stations, officially ends 7/7/2019.

The Best Features of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Telsa is a high tech electric luxury brand. The Model S is the large sedan and the Model X is the SUV.

The Best Features of the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S appeals trendsetters who like tech, luxury and power. The 17” center touchscreen with 4G LTE internet access has proven to be a favorite for Silicon Valley drivers. The Telsa Model S drives like a conventional vehicle unless it is in a regeneration mode. All models come with hardware for Autopilot. For safety, Side impacts are met by aluminum pillars reinforced with steel rails to reduce intrusion.

Note model numbers are based on the battery pack and if the model has all-wheel drive.

Best Perks Tesla Model S

  • Referral Program awards include a winning a Ludicrous P100D Model S or Model X as well as a private tour for four of the SpaceX. Depending on referral available prizes are a Powerwall, Telsa S kid cars, carry-on bag and passes to Nevada Gigafactory.
  • Laundry list of ADAS safety features.
  • GPS locates lost and stolen Telsas.
  • Available HEPA air filtration system with HEPA air HEPA air filtration system with bioweapon dense mode.
  • LED adaptive headlamps
  • Exclusive access to Tesla Super Charger network 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits (roughly 1,000 miles), a year.
  • Maps and navigation with real time traffic information
  • The large front trunk acts as a giant impact-absorbing crumple zone.

Best Perks Tesla Model X

  • Safety features including rear-view camera blind-spot real cross-traffic lane departure warning forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking.
  • Referral Program awards include a winning a Ludicrous P100D Model S or Model X as well as a private tour for four of the SpaceX. Depending on referral available prizes are a Powerwall, Telsa S kid cars, carry-on bag and passes to Nevada Gigafactory.
  • GPS locates lost and stolen Telsas.
  • Available HEPA air filtration system with HEPA air HEPA air filtration system with bioweapon dense mode.
  • LED adaptive headlamps
  • Exclusive access to Tesla Super Charger network 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits (roughly 1,000 miles), a year.
  • Maps and navigation with real time traffic information
  • The large front trunk acts as a giant impact-absorbing crumple zone.

The Best Features of the Volkswagen e-Golf

The Volkswagen e-Golf drivers just like a gas-powered Golf. It looks like Golf. It feels like Golf. It is a VW Golf, except that it runs on electricity. In The e-Golf is youthful, sporty, responsive and compact with smartphone integration through CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. The available SAE “combo” charging connector with Level 2 and 3 capabilities charges faster than most with Level 2 chargers.

NOTE Volkswagen is changing it’s factories to mass produce a whole line of electric vehicles with different ranges.

Best Perks Volkswagen e-Golf

  • VW Car-Net remote app sets charging, start and unlock from compatible smartphones.
  • VW-App-Connect headunit  compatible with  Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink.
  • Available 12.3 inch display.
  • Available faster charger.
  • Available Volkswagen Digital Cockpit.
  • Available Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist) with Pedestrian Recognition, Blind Spot Monitor Plus, Lane Assist, Park Assist and Light Assist.
  • Available Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist) helps vehicle into parallel parking spaces.
  • 3 Years/36,000 miles of free roadside assistance.

We will update this article with more EVs soon including

Honda Clarity Electric – A full sedan with not so full range in comparison to its competitors.

Audi E-tron Electric

Jaguar iPace

Fisker Electric SUV—will have a solar panel roof.






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