Zubie Rental Connect Live for Fleets

Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics data insights provider,  officially launched Zubie Rental Connect – a technology platform specifically designed for fleets of rental and loaner vehicles, allowing fleet operators a more holistic way to track and manage their fleets in a real-time environment. The announcement comes at the opening of the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas.

In addition to must-have GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities, Zubie Rental Connect includes real-time fuel and odometer reporting. This automated reporting capability solves a key problem for rental and loaner car operators – inaccurate fuel and mileage reporting, which is often manually input. By reducing manual input and visual reporting, Zubie Rental Connect is able to improve data accuracy, increase revenue capture, optimize labor cost, and improve the customer experience, in both speed and accuracy of billing.

“Zubie Rental Connect empowers rental and loaner fleet operators to more efficiently manage operations by delivering accurate data around location, fuel, and odometer readings,” said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker. “For less than the cost of a tank of gas each month, Zubie Rental Connect is a connected-car solution with a measurable, observable impact on ROI.”

Zubie Rental Connect also addresses the challenge of optimizing “no-rev vehicles” though it’s idle inventory exception reporting, allowing managers to increase monetization. The Zubie Rental Connect technology platform is also available as a data feed into existing counter systems through their API feed directly into the rental counter systems.

“Zubie’s goal is to deliver usable insights in a simple, reliable technology platform,” said Tucker. “Zubie Rental Connect provides immediate and practical benefits to rental and loaner fleet operators with real-time insight. Improved accuracy on fuel readings alone could conservatively save the rental industry hundreds of millions of dollars in leakage every year.”