Why Waze Android Auto Connected Cars/ Honda, VW & GM Have Bugs- How-to-fix them

The most requested feature for Android –Waze now works in vehciles with built-in Android Auto compatible infotainment unts. Waze now works for most Android Auto compatible vehicles but not without glitches for some users.

You have to have Waze installed on your phone, then in Android Auto select Waze as your preferred navigation supplier. Waze doesn’t work in Android Auto for smartphone use, only on integrated automotive systems. It is very important to make sure that Android Auto, Waze and the Google App software are all updated on your phone.  Android Auto on  vehicles often experiences glitches and problems with tech support, especially on luxury vehicles.

We were hoping there would be no issues with Android Auto and Waze, however Google wants Wazers to submit debug reports through a ticket. A few days after the update, there are already issues reported with Waze, Android Auto and cars.

Reported Waze/Android Auto Problems

There was problem with the Google app with text messaging and voice commands which was fixed with a Google app update.

There have been reports of the voiced directions not sounding correct and being slurred together in Waze.  Waze showed only a dot instead of arrow when arriving at a desination. and location wasn’t updated. Some car users have reported theat the North point arrow is not showing.

Waze stopped announcing speed cameras a few times, the Phone’s USB cable had to be re-connected.
Some users can’t adjust the volume level while Waze is running. There are also reported lack of GPS,

The Good News About Waze and Android Auto (When it Works)

Once activated, Waze can be controlled via the car’s touchcreens, steering wheel buttons, and other automotive control. After you connect a compatible Android phone to the USB port in the car.

Make sure you have the most updated Waze, Android Ato and Google apps installed on your phone. You also want to make sure that Waze and Google apps are activated on your phone.

Then connect your phone by the correct cable to your car USB port. Select “Navigation App” from the footer of your screen and Waze will start if it’s the last used navigation app. (If Waze was not the most recently used navigation app, tap the navigation Menu at the bottom left and select “Waze.”) To start navigating go to “Menu” and select a “Favorite” location (i.e. “Home” or “Work”) or search for an address via the keyboard.

Waze features you’ll be able to use are:

  • Navigate to favorite and pre-programmed in your Waze app in one tap.
  • Start navigation using voice command “OK, Google.”
  • Receive visual and audio alerts .
  • See the ETA screen.
  • Help other Wazers on the road through a visual reporting menu.

Previously we tested Waze to discovered that the times given in Waze were shorter than our own driving times.

New issues with Android Auto include Android Auto that was not working properly, not working at all in cars. Android Auto offers no direct support, you can ask forum members or send reports from the app.

If you have Android Auto issues or problems with your in-car infotainment system with Android Auto and Waze, please let us know in the comments below, be sure to note your make, model and year of your vehicle as well as model of your Android phone model and versions of Android and Android Auto. We also welcome any solutions you have found worked with your car.

Android Auto was first announced in 2014, it is currently available from, Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Genesis, GMC,Honda, Hyundai, Kenwood, Kia, JVC, Jeep coming soon, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, Subaru, Volvo and Volkswagen. Please also read out Android Auto fixes article.

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  1. Using Waze with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running recent Oreo update and VW Polo 2017 Infotainment unit. Unable to see North Up compass on screen.

  2. the voice navigation cannot be adjusted independently of the entertainment volume so the louder the voice the louder the music and vice versa. I cannot hear the voice over the music.

  3. Waze works fine on my Note 8. It used to work on my 2016 Corvette with Android Auto on my infotainment screen. Now only Google msps work. The Waze shows up, but the infotsinment sreen freezes with the location of where my Note 8 is plugged in.

  4. Cruze 2016, after installing waze Android auto Just do not work. I tried to use factory reset on my Sony C4 but it worked once. Btw, waze and Google play music doesnt work together. Thanks for recommend me this “upgrade”

    • We are sorry you are experiencing problems. Our article reports that there are issues and problems with the Waze update for Android Auto. We continually tell our readers to wait for updates and always check that there are no issues with their model phones. You can contact GM tech support, they should be able to help you. More than likely it is an issue with your phone. The way Android Auto works it just sends video signals to your car’s head unit. You can also contact Android Auto support which doesn’t do a good job of helping.

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