BMW @MWC demos gesture-controlled parking, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear & Amazon Echo connections

BMW’s intelligent driver-car connectivity in the future will be deomonstrate at Mobile World Congress. BMW sees the vehicle itself  transformed into a smart device: intelligently connected, seamlessly integrated and perfectly in tune with every user’s personal requirements. Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Services and Business Models at the BMW Group, will expand on this further during a podium discussion on 28 February 2017. BMW services connected to multiple devices, calendars, traffic and services.  Packages can delivered along a driver’s route. A new featured demoed by BMW will be gesture controlled self-parking.

BMW Connected:

BMW will show how its connected services connect drivers to their world.The BMW Connected service keeps BMW customers on time, in touch and in control via multiple touchpoints, such as smartphone, smartwatch and voice assistant. The features of the service, such as trip planning and remote control functions, are focused on the user and delivered in an intelligent, personalized form adapted to the user’s context. The foundation of the service is the Open Mobility Cloud, built on Microsoft Azure, which processes data from multiple sources and presents the user with just the right information at just the right time.

The devices that can be linked to the vehicle using BMW Connected currently include smartphones (iOS or Android), smart devices like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear (S2 and S3), as well as the Amazon Echo. Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa service, users can, for example, find out their BMW’s fuel level, lock their vehicle or activate the ventilation from the comfort of their home simply by using spoken commands. Alexa also allows users to check upcoming appointments based on the BMW Connected mobility agenda and to inquire about optimal departure times in order to arrive at an appointment on time.

User personalization and convenience are set to be further enhanced by the arrival of a new service being tested for the first time in the UK from the middle of this year. In the future, this will enable BMW Connected to alert the user when their BMW is due for service and offer a choice of appointments at their local dealer. Appointments can be booked via BMW Connected, and will automatically be added to the user’s mobility agenda. In this way, BMW Connected keeps users informed of their vehicle’s service needs and makes bookings quick and easy.

BMW Connected offers a wealth of digital services geared towards customers’ personal mobility requirements, and is designed to integrate seamlessly into their digital lives. At the Consumer Electronic Show 2017 (CES), BMW presented its vision of the additional services that could, in the future, help customers to make optimum use of the time spent in their vehicle while it is driving autonomously. Speech-based entertainment and productivity services could be employed in tomorrow’s cars to make a dinner reservation, for example, as demonstrated at the CES using a Microsoft Cortana prototype.

Another vision unveiled by BMW at CES 2017 is an en route delivery service developed in collaboration with Amazon Prime. BMW drivers place their order while out on the road and can have it delivered to a location along their current route. The ideal delivery point is computed by Prime Now and the Open Mobility Cloud.

The BMW Group is presenting gesture-controlled parking, a technical evolution of the remote control parking system, at Mobile World Congress 2017. A demonstration shows a BMW i3 maneuvering itself into and out of a parking space, with the whole process initiated by the driver from outside the vehicle with a simple wave of the hand.

The BMW Group can be found at Outdoor Area Stand OA3B.36 in front of Hall 5 at Mobile World Congress. The panel discussion “Cars as a service” with Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Services and Business Models at the BMW Group, takes place from 2.00 – 3.00 p.m. on 28 February in Hall 4, Auditorium 2.