Car buyers want safety first and rich buyers want the latest technology

GfK, released it’s latest findings about what consumers want in a cars all over the world. Safety is important, however a growing number of consumer find the latest driver technology and passenger technology are ‘very important’ to them, especially those with high income. Consumers who want the latest tech the most are in Brazil, followed by China and Korea.

The features were rated very important as follows:

24% The prestige of owning it.
27% Distinctive styling/different and unique.
28% The latest passenger technology such as audio or video streaming, social network connectivity and Bluetooth.
36%The latest driver technology such as steering or parking assist, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry or ignition.
37% Flexible.
40% Reputation/image of manufacturer.
41% Powerful engine.
45% Spacious/roomy/lots of space.
47% Environmentally friendly.
48% Fun/enjoyable to drive.
49% Comfortable.
53% Smooth/Quiet ride.
57% Quality of workmanship.
61%Low running costs.
65% Fuel economy/good mileage.
73% Reliability.
73% Safety in an accident.

Over a third (36 percent) of the online population across 17 countries see having the latest driver technology in a vehicle (e.g., steering or parking assist, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry or ignition) as ‘very important’, and over a quarter (28 percent) say the same for the latest passenger technology (audio or video streaming, social network connectivity, etc.).

On average, 44 percent of people in the high income quartile (the top quarter of the total income in each country), see the latest driver tech as ‘very important’, compared to just 30 percent of people in the low income quartile (the bottom quarter of total income within each country). Likewise, for the latest passenger tech, 35 percent of those in the high income quartile say it’s very important, versus 22 percent on those in the low income quartlie.The effect of income on what people see as important in their vehicle is seen across a range of features, not just the vehicle technology – in particular the quality of workmanship, a comfortable interior, a spacious interior, a powerful engine, the reputation of the manufacturer. In other areas such as the fuel economy or environmentally friendly, the results are much more even across all income bands.

Driver technology is most important inBrazil ,China and Korea

Brazil> (48 percent), China (43 percent) and Korea (42 percent) have the highest overall percentages saying that the latest driver technology is ‘very important’. And for the latest passenger technology, China (37 percent), Brazil (36 percent) and Mexico (30 percent) have the highest percentages saying it is ‘very important’.

Siegfried Hoegl, GfK’s Global Head of Automotive Research, comments, “The value of these findings for vehicle manufacturers lies in being able to assess precisely which features different consumer segments say appeal most to them – and adjust marketing content and product development to match those aspirations. By combining this attitudinal data with analysis of actual sales across different markets and consumer segments, or insights from running in-depth car clinics, we help our clients to fine-tune their customer insights to the maximum extent – both globally and at country-specific level.”