Top Best a’ Tesla: Telsa X, Ludicrous Tesla 3, Videos, New Store & More

TopBestaTeslaToday, we start a new feature about the most connected car maker around Telsa Motors, “Top Best a’ Tesla.” The world is closely watching the adventures of Elon Musk and his innovative Tesla Motor cars, every week there are more innovations to watch.

Tesla in Europe

Telsa has opened its design tool for Tesla X in Europe. For those who want to deck out a Tesla X with every available option can pay up to $145,700 before taxes.

Video in Telsa S Video Display

A Tesla hacker with the code name Hemera installed Gentoo, Linux-based operating system so that she is able to display videos on the 17″ center stack screen. Watching video on a car screen while driving is illegal.

Tesla 3 Ludicrous News

Elon Must Tweeted that the higher-end version of the Model 3 will have a ‘Ludicrous’ mode option. Reservation deposits of the Tesla 3 are close to 400,000.

New Store in Store

Tesla Motors open another store in the Atlanta area with a store in Avalon, in a mixed-use development in Alpharetta.

Tesla Wins – Biden Loser

Vice President Joe Biden lost 10 bucks betting against a Tesla Model S in a drag race, reported The Verge.

Sneak Peak Tesla 3

Motor Trend posted many new photos of the exterior of the Tesla 3, shot at the giga factory in Nevada. They were not allowed to shoot photos of the interior because it is not finished, yet. The charging port is not embedded in the prototype yet, however it will be hidden in the left rear tail light.

Ford Buys into Tesla & Plans Competitor

Ford paid $55,000 above the sticker price to get a Model X to test it out. Ford is planing an electric ar to rival the Tesla 3 and Chevy Bolt.

Two-Rule Enforced for Three

Stock analyst Anton Wahlman  and Yahoo Finance were able to place more than two orders for Tesla 3 models. After Elon Musk discovered the glitch it was closed an now. Musk Tweeted that duplicate orders will be cancelled and there is maximum of 2 will be delivered to any one person. Only 5% of orders are 2, therefore speculation unlikely.

Why Tesla Cars Are Not Dragging

Tesla reportedly is using digital simulation tools for designing the Model 3 supplied by Exa Corporation, that allow the designers to virtually shape the aerodynamics of the car and assist in the quest to achieve the target of a 0.21 drag coefficient.

Costly Warranty Costs

Musk says that he will reduce the high costs of Tesla warranty service. Even with recent reductions, Tesla on average still spends twice as much per car on warranty costs as General Motors and Ford, reported Reuters.

Future Tesla Models

There are reports that after the Tesla 3, Tesla Motors will launch and even cheaper economy model.

Thanx Norway

Elon Musk thanked Norway for supporting electric vehicles

Norway is a world leader when it comes to electric mobility. Your political incentives represent a great catalyst for the fantastic EV adoption, and you have fought for sustainable transport for more than 20 years. Not to forget renewable energy.”