Subaru works with IBM’S Watson for insights into EyeSight

eyesight-heroFuji Heavy Industries (FHI) maker of Subaru automobiles, and IBM Japan have partnered to collaborate in the development of a system to analyze images from the advanced safety systems including output from EyeSight sytems on Subaru vehicles. The evaluation will employ cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Subaru EyeSight systems have been proven to reduce injuries and accidents. Subaru vehicles becuase they have such advanced technology tend to retain their value for longer.

Working together with IBM Japan, FHI developed a system that manages huge amounts of test image data. The system was first deployed in April. It will allow FHI engineers to easily search for and analyze needed test images. This system is also expected to lead to improved development efficiency, significantly contributing towards the attainment of the advanced driver assist.

In the future FHI and IBM Japan will investigate the building of a new system using IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the automotive industry based on IBM cloud, and will advance to verify applicability of the technology in the advanced driver assist system through understanding characteristics of the latest technologies in the cloud and AI.

FHI hopes for“zero car accidents”  by advancing safety performance and reliability that are verified with EyeSight.

Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist system is the world’s first system to use only stereo cameras to detect the presence of other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. In addition to avoiding frontal collisions and limiting damage in the event of an accident, the EyeSight technology has made possible a host of other preventive safety functions, notably Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Lane Keep.

IBM IoT for Automotive is an IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the automotive industry based on IBM cloud. The solution supports real time analytics by integrating data collected from sensors mounted on each car with other data.