Tech CARS Awards: Maps Waze Apple CarPlay, Apps & Gryc

TechCARSAWARDWINNERsnobackground640tinyFor the AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Awards this year, we had some v-e-r-y close votes especially with smartphone connectivity, maps and apps.

Best Navigation Map Supplier App or Service

Mapping apps from the smartphone world dominated the voting for the best navigation map or service. Waze and Google both garnered 32% of the vote, however, Waze had 3 more votes, making it the winner and the closest votes out of any category. Nokia HERE maps was the next runner- up followed by Apple Maps, Other and TomTom. There were write-in votes for MapQuest, Garmin and Yandex.

The winner for AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Award for Best Navigation App or Service is Waze.

Waze has grown in popularity due to its sharing of accidents, road blocks, delays and offering of alternative routes. Some of the information from Waze is included Google Maps. The Waze app made map-making a game. It takes reports from other Wazers and offers the fastest route to a destination.

Overall Best Implementation of Connected Car Tech with Smartphones

Even though very few model cars currently have factory installed Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink, the publicity for these systems has already given people an idea of what should be the best platform for connecting smartphones. During the voting times, some days, one system was winning over the other. Finally, however, MirrorLink and Android Auto split the Android fans to give way to a win for Apple CarPlay with 41% of the vote followed by Android Auto with 35% of the vote and MirrorLink with 24%.

The winner for AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Award Overall Best Implementation of Connected Car Tech with Smartphones goes to Apple CarPlay.

Best Car Support App

Gas Buddy and were neck and neck throughout the month of voting for the best car support app.The lower prices for gas across the country may have reduced the need for using an app for the cheapest gas price. Our readers liked’s way of delivering roadside assistance, showing the location of the tow truck. won for best cars support app with 33.48% followed closely by GasBuddy with 30.45% of the votes.

The winner for AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Award  Best Car Support App goes to

Best Connected Car Analyst, Advocate or Personality

Speaking of gas buddies, both Andy Gryc, director of the Connected Car Expo and Strategy Analytics’ analyst Roger C. Lanctot remained “buddies” even though they were competing in the same category and frequently work together. Ultimately, Andy Gryc’s connections to major trade shows, marketing prowess and connections to developer communities gave him the lead.

When we last spoke with Gryc, he said “I’m especially honored to win considering my co-nominees were the luminaries Roger Lanctot and John Simpson. I can only aspire to be as prolific, insightful, and respected as either of these great automotive influencers.”

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