QNX & AdasWorks work on ADAS and autonomous driving together

ADASworksQNX Software   and AdasWorks, developer of artificial intelligence-based software for automated driving, announced a technology partnership focused on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles.

The companies are porting several AdasWorks functions, including lane detection, moving-object detection, and object classification, to QNX OS platforms. They plan to create a software foundation for intelligent, multi-camera systems that enable automated driving by providing a 360-degree view of the area around the vehicle.

Through AdasWorks’ integration with QNX OS technology,  customers will be able to access a solution that complies with industry standards and safety requirements.

The news release states that together, AdasWorks and QNX technologies can enable the industry to implement automated driving features more quickly and cost effectively.”

QNX Software Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of infotainment, telematics, safety, and acoustics solutions deployed in more than 60 million vehicles worldwide. More than 40 automotive OEMs use QNX software, including the QNX Neutrino OS, the QNX OS for Safety (compliant to ISO 26262, up to Automotive Safety Integrity Level D), the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, and QNX acoustics middleware, for their head units, digital instrument clusters, advanced driver information systems, hands-free systems, and connectivity modules.

AdasWorks develops artificial intelligence-based automated driving solutions. Th