api.ai announces API for cars

apiapi.ai, a conversational interface for connected devices, launched an open customizable voice user interface platform for the connected car

Auto manufacturers will be able to offer a customizable and personalized Siri -like voice interface specialized for Internet-connected car with api.ai.

api.ai for autos is a voice interface that is platform agnostic and can work with any headunit operating system.

Today, carmakers are either trying to build voice solutions in-house or relying to standard systems like those integrated with Android or iOS devices adding substantial development costs, time to market delays and customer experience inconsistencies.

api.ai enables carmakers to quickly integrate customizable conversational functionality on par with advanced modern systems available to order on the market, all while retaining ownership of data, and leveraging technologies that are tested and proven by over seven thousand developers and millions of users.

Automakers can use api.ai to integrate, voice-enable and support functionalities in the following spaces: apps, authentication, booking, calculator, finance, maps, navigation, points of interest, small talk, social networks, smart home, time & dates, weather, web browsing, and wisdom (reference information).

Investors in api.ai include Motorola Solutions, Alpine and Intel Capital.