U-M SMART’s MobiPrize open for entries until August 15

15.6.18-MobiPrize-GrandU-M SMART’s MobiPrize honor new-mobility enterprises and innovators that are making the world a better place through sustainable transportation innovation. All entrepreneurs addressing transportation-related challenges and opportunities with innovative and sustainable solutions and business models (anywhere in the world) are encouraged to apply. So are government agencies that are fostering a new mobility industry, enterprise, and innovation culture. Deadline for entry is August 15.

Mobi Award Categories
•    Global Grand Mobi (for the business venture with greatest impact on revitalizing the environment and economy of communities and regions through sustainable transportation).
•    Michigan Mobi (expanded to include university researchers and early-stage companies developing and commercializing innovative mobility solutions in Michigan).
•    Enterprising City/State/Nation Award (expanded to enable national governments and government agencies to apply).
•    New opportunity: Connected and Automated Mobility Solutions. For 2015, the Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) has partnered with SMART to create a special opportunity for companies working on technologies, applications, and/or new business models supporting connected and automated multimodal mobility systems.
•    Mobi-x India (honoring new-mobility-related entrepreneurs, big businesses and government agencies).

For more information about MobiPrize and the award categories, see http://mobi-platform.com/.