How to GM OnStar Wi-Fi Hotspot setup in Chevy GM cars and GMC Canyon

chevyonstar4Stefan Cross, communications manager OnStar shows new Wi-Fi hotspot technology in a GMC Canyon. The AT&T OnStar 4G LTE creates a mobile hotspot for smartphones, tablets and computers inside or near the car. The hotspot works for an area of fifty feet around the car.

To access Wi-Fi hostpot tap the OnStar button, select Wi-Fi settings, then you see the Wi-Fi connections where you setup names and passwords. Once connected, you can stream videos and answer emails for the passengers.

The vehicle has an external antenna for better connections than a smartphone or mobile data.

To set up Wi-Fi hotspot you can call OnStar from the rearview mirror button to receive personal help from a live support agent or set it up through the OnStar RemoteLink App.

Cross suggests that you set up the Wi-Fi hotspot at the dealer, in the garage or while you are parked. The process is fairly easy as long as you are not driving at the time.