The more luxurious the car, the more connected car wanted

Audi connectParks and Associates has studied the connected car “ecosystem” and along with presenting “Connections” in San Francisco found the higher-priced the car, the more connectivity buyers expect.

The company found that early 50% of consumers planning to buy a car in the next 12 months value connected car features, especially by for luxury cars buyers such as Audi. The Audi A3 comes with 4 LTE connections from AT&T, it also features cell phone signal boosting.

JD Power found that drivers want the same apps and capabilities as their smartphones, Parks found that drivers and passenger want he same tech and digital services they’ve become accustomed to in the home, at work, or on-the-go with a smartphone.

  • Almost 1/3 of U.S. car owners already have some kind of  connectivity.
  • Most connected car owners have built-in screen displays for navigation and information.
  • Navigation and vehicle performance information are the most wanted attractive connected car options.
  • Approximately 10-20% of car owners find website and news access appealing. Among luxury car drivers, the figure approaches 50%.
  • Among those driving luxury car models, over one-third have the ability to view maps & directions, and 30% of Audi drivers have the ability to access websites through their car.
  • Most of those with connected car features use them on at least a monthly basis.

Even though GM will start offering OnStar LTE on most of its 2015 models from the economical Chevy Spark up to the luxurious Cadillac, luxury drivers demand technology in their cars. Over 50% of consumers driving luxury car models have connected car capabilities, including BMWs, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Lexus, Acuras, and Infinitis. Audi leads this category; nearly 80% of Audi drivers report having connected car features.

We recently learned that GM will not open its AppShop for 2015 models.on 2015 car models.