GM says connected cars mean a greener cleaner planet?

greenconnectionGM is promoting its sustainability efforts by illustrating that it offers the first broad deployment of 4G LTE and OnStar services.

GM satisfies connectivity and enables a more sustainable transportation future. GM  for 2015 car models will offer 4G LTE starting with the Malibu, including the Spark on up to luxury vehicles.

GM notes that  Customers can use OnStar route optimization to find ways around congestion and receive real-time feedback on how to drive more efficiently.

GM also is working on connected vehicles that share information with each other and infrastructure to help anticipate and avoid crashes.

GM sees how connectivity benefits everyone and the planet this way:

Time Saving
Wi-Fi added to cars gives a boost to productivity and helps getting the best route.

Greener – for things like ride-sharing apps, better routing for less fuel consumption.

Safety connected (ADAS)features such as collision alerts and features that help avoid accidents such as rearview camera.

Responsible Driving – Awareness can be improved with hands free voice recognition makes it easier to do thing while driving.

GM boasts 2 of the 5 largest solar rooftop systems.