Audi A3 LTE, Features, Pricing and Phone Cell Signal Boosting

Audi connectThe Audi A3 will have some new technology innovations that include AT&T LTE, picture mapping, special software and cell phone signal boost.

We finally have pricing for the AT&T LTE service in Audi A3 cars, owners can pay $99.99 for 5GB for a six month period or pay $499 for 30GB over a period thirty months. All new Audi A3 autos with Audi connect will receive a free six month trial of LTE service.

The fee works out to be $16.50 a month for the six month plan and $16.63 a month for the thirty month plan. (Obviously the place that called the $499 plan the best value was incorrect).

Audi will be the first car maker to  market the option of adding the data on to an AT&T Mobile Share plan.

Previously, Audi cars were outfitted with 3G+. Audi found that owners preferred plans in a 6 month or 30 month time frame. Costumers can receive email alerts when the data is running out.

4G/LTE technology in the Audi A3, supporting data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s downstream and considerably faster response times.

The Audi A3 will have a mobile app will allow connections to smartphones to make it easier for the driver to accomplish  smartphone-based features.

Audi Connect Software features Include:

  • Audi music stream.
  • Picture navigation – the driver can save photos of destinations, which are linked to geo-navigation data (GPS), in the “photo box” of MMI Navigation plus.
  • Facebook and Twitter audio.
  • Wi-Fi hotpsots for up to eight passenger device.
  • Google Earth navigation.
  • Googe Voice local search.
  • Parking and weather data.

The head unit uses new NVIDIA graphics to make complex three-dimensional images used in all online, voice control, media navigation and telephone functions. The A3 has the new Audi phone box, a compartment located under the center armrest that boosts a mobile phone’s cellular signal by connecting to an antenna in the year window.

All Audi A3 come equipped with Bluetooth, rain sensing wipers and panoramic glass sun roof.

Previously, it was reported that Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Malibu, and Volt with OnStar 4G LTE installed. AT&T customers will be able to add their Chevy to AT&T Mobile Share plans.

Since each tablet or Smart Locator, Automotive device adds $10 to a Mobile Share plan at AT&T, we suspect that it will cost at least $10 a month to add a car to an AT&T Share Plan. However, AT&T charges $20 a month to add a laptop, laptop connect or mobile hotspot device to a plan.  The Audi connect service does offer Wi-Fi hotspots.