New Ways Audi Future Cars Connect with Autonmous Driverless, Self Parking & Cities Award

audiconnecctThe Audi Urban Future Award 2014 finalists include four teams in four cities developing four projects to connect cars and cities for more efficient transportation, automatic parking and autonomous robotic driverless Audi-piloted Audi cars.

The Audi Urban Future Award connects architects and urban planners, natural scientists and humanists, data specialists and product designers, who will work together to reinvent the future of urban mobility.


The Somerville, a suburb of Boston, team includes a strategist, a mobility expert and an urban designer collaborate to learn if new self-parking technology could lead to new designs of cities.

Gangnam Style Seoul

In Gangnam, a very hip district of Seoul, an ethnographer, a city planner and a product designer raise the question: What does the car look like as an interactive social entertainment and lifestyle device? The team will reveal new possibilities for networking between cars, the digital city, and the needs of the residents.

Berlin Connections

In Berlin an architect, a transit management expert and a neuroscientist propose innovative solutions to connect the new city district, Urban Tech Republic, on the premises of the former airport Tegel with the rest of the German capital. The team explores the question how best to turn intermodal transport including buses, cars, bikes, taxi and other forms to get people where they want to go.

Mexico City Sustainability

In Santa Fe, a modern district of Mexico City, an architect, a data specialist and a corporate consultant collect crowdsourced mobility data to show how self-driving cars can help to reduce traffic congestion

In October, an international jury will decide which team wins the 100 000 Euro Audi Urban Future Award 2014.