Intel Study Shows Americans Want Driverless Connected Car Culture

intelstudyThe “Intel Freeway to the Future” conducted by Penn Schoen Berland found that about half of Americans desire a driverless society and want cities to create infrastructures to improve quality of life for them and their community using non-personal data.Baby You Can Drive My Car

  • 44% of American respondents would like to live in a driverless city, where cars, buses and trains operate intelligently and automatically without people driving them.
  • 34% expect to see a driverless city in 10 years or less.
  •  40% percent expect safety would be incread
  • 38 % expect improved traffic conditions
  • 34 % expect carbon emissions improvement.

Travel by Intel

  • More than half of U.S. respondents would anonymously share travel information, such as where and when they travel, to develop automated and intelligent transportation solutions.
  • 54% of respondents would be willing to let an intelligent system select the best travel routes for everyone on the road if it meant overall commute time would be reduced by 30 percent – even if it meant their personal commute time would increase.
  • Fifty percent of Americans would let a city put a sensor on their cars for intelligent parking.

The “Intel Freeway to the Future” survey found that Americans are willing to share information with and relinquish control to their city for the common good. If ambulances, fire trucks and police cars could use the fastest route based on real-time data, 59 percent would opt into a city program that puts a sensor on their car.