Chevy Corvette Data Recorder Records Speed, Turns, Voice & Map

corvettepdrAfter a long hiatus, Chevrolet has once again begun building Stingray Corvettes, and the 2015 model may not be known for its great looks but for the Performance Data Recorder (PDR).

The PDR is the first video and GPS-based telemetry recorder.

Using a windsheild mounted camera, interior microphone and fast GPS, The PDR sytem records driving and then combines it with telemetics for mashup videostored int he glove compartment.  You can also view the video when the Corvette is parked on the DVD screen.

The telematics show, steering wheel angle, time elapsed RPM and speed in miles per hour along with GPS tracking map.  The driver can narrated the video as it is being recorded.

The PDR also comes with computer software , Cosworth Toolbox to analyze track data, like a race car driver. The PDR will be released in mid-year model Corvetts in 2015.