Lidwave 4D Sensor FCR @CES

FCR™ depth sensors by Lidwave, onboarded on Cognata’s ADPH sensor viewer platform

Lidwave, a developer of high-performance LiDAR-on-a-chip sensors, announces that its MonoStaticOne sensor is available for simulation of industrial and automotive use cases, on the Cognata’s perception hub, running on Microsoft Azure and utilizes AMD processors and GPUs.

Lidwave’s new 4D sensor exploits unique coherent properties of light to extract depth information with enhanced sensitivity and Instantaneous Velocity information. The proprietary FCRTM (Finite Coherent Ranging) technology overcomes the shortcomings of traditional LiDAR and RADAR systems. It provides a complete understanding of the scene dynamics without additional complex computation or post-processing. MonoStaticOne sensor streams real-time high-quality raw data of Range, Reflectivity, and Instantaneous Velocity (Doppler) per pixel.

Sensor selection is pivotal in steering the automotive industry toward reliable, safe autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems. Cognata’s ADPH platform incorporates highly accurate sensor modeling, manufacturer-approved, with a wide spectrum of sensors such as RGB cameras with varying lens distortions, Point-cloud (LiDAR) systems, as well as Thermal cameras (IR), all integrated with a DNN-based photorealistic layer, ensuring sensor performance precision.

In an exciting showcase at CES 2024, Cognata will demonstrate its new perception platform along with Lidwave’s high-performance LiDAR at the LVCC West Hall, Booth #6575. To better demonstrate its capabilities, the demo will showcase the integration of Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR in different safety scenes and unique edge cases, its capability to sense the road surface over long distances, and more.

“We are thrilled to cooperate with Cognata in creating a reliable simulation of our sensor’s performance,” said Yehuda Vidal, Lidwave’s CEO & Founder. “This new tool enables automation developers, integrators, and OEMs, to experience the 4D sensor advantage over what they encountered before, and unlock new possibilities for autonomous driving, smart cities, robotics, and more”.

“We are happy to showcase Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR capabilities to a wider audience, providing OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with valuable insights into the technology’s potential benefits for their specific ADAS and AV driving applications”, says Danny Atsmon, CEO & Founder of Cognata. “This promotes collaboration between sensor suppliers and automotive manufacturers, ultimately leading to the development of more advanced and safer vehicles”.

About Lidwave

Lidwave is a pioneering deep-tech startup that developed a revolutionary perception sensor-on-a-chip that disrupts the LiDAR industry. Lidwave’s unique Monostatic chip provides the best of two worlds; It produces unmatched 4D raw data of depth, reflectivity, and velocity, and enables manufacturing at scale – SoC, redundant the need for precise calibration.