@CES Garmin Unified Cabin Suite of Electronics on Single SoC & Android Automotive OS

Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) invites global automakers to experience the newest capabilities of its Unified Cabin™ suite of automotive electronics solutions at CES 2024. First revealed at CES 2023, Unified Cabin is a scalable portfolio of Garmin Automotive OEM technologies and design innovations fully integrated into Garmin’s Domain Controller with a single SoC and a single instance of Android Automotive OS.

“We received an overwhelmingly positive response from our OEM partners to Unified Cabin following CES 2023. We have built on that success with new technologies for monitoring the cabin, new customization capabilities and improvements to the user experience along with the addition of Dolby Atmos audio, zoned voice assistance, improved device connectivity automation and entertainment options.” — Matt Munn, Managing Director Garmin Automotive OEM

The Garmin Auto OEM demo will be on display at CES 2024 with options to experience the Unified Cabin both in-vehicle and in a demonstration buck. New features include:

  • Unique branded HMI theming capabilities across each zone, giving drivers and passengers the ability to personalize their zone’s User Interface (UI), system sounds, lighting and more. Automakers can choose to offer downloadable themes and partner with third parties such as movie studios, gaming publishers and sports leagues to provide an exciting and always fresh HMI look and feel over the life of the vehicle.
  • New unique features for automatically linking brought-in personal wireless devices across multiple driver and passenger zones both with and without use of Ultrawideband (UWB) technologies.
  • Instrument Cluster Theater Mode and Garmin Display Sentry™ allows the driver to use the full display for gaming and video entertainment when the car is in Level 3+ driving mode or while parked at a charging station.
  • Zoned Voice Assistant allows any seat occupant to receive contextual, personalized infotainment results through their individual zone’s audio and personal display.
  • Expanded use of Cabin Monitoring Camera to mitigate driver distraction through a responsive UI.
  • New Dolby Atmos evolutionary spatial audio technology for a premium, immersive sound experience.

. These and many other features, along with separate demos will be shown in the LVCC West Hall, Booth 3519.

Garmin Automotive OEM utilizes the company’s long-standing experience in user interface and hardware design from its automotive, avionics and marine segments to develop comprehensive infotainment and domain controller solutions. The company’s diverse manufacturing capabilities support a broad range of in-vehicle electronic strategies for the automotive industry including intelligent video driving recorders and computing modules, as well as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) functionality. With dedicated offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, Garmin Automotive OEM provides a variety of hardware and software solutions to leading automobile manufacturers such as BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Geely, Kawasaki and Yamaha Motor.