Crazy AI Tesla Portraits AKA Stupid Tesla AI Tricks from AUTO Connected Car News

Well what do you know, you can make Tesla models do all kinds of fun and crazy things using AI and Dall-e. In our effort to create connected car crazy captions here are some fun images created with imagination and AI for AUTO Connected Car News. What I’m learning about AI is that since I can’t draw but I can write, the AI makes images according to the text but sometimes adds in oddities. Since Tesla fans love to have fun with their Teslas, AUTO Connected Car News is having fun with all things Tesla mixed with AI.

Make a Tesla wish from your good fairy. Here is the fairy fantasy Tesla.

Make a wish with your Fairy God Tesla!

Since Tesla moved its main office and factory to Texas. AUTO Connected Car News asked a cowboy what he thought about Teslas.

Guess what cowboys say about Teslas……

Cowboy says “Teslas don’t pollute like horses do and it ain’t horse sh*t.”

Tesla Fans take their Teslas all over the world and even attempt to drive them in strange places.

Look at all the places Teslas go!

Tesla all fired-up to go the beach.

Many cars are named after animals such as the Cougar, Mustang or Jaguar. The Tesla brand has its own jungle of animals it can be.

They are not Jaguar or Cougar Teslas, but are still wild animals.

Welcome to the Tesla jungle.

A popular color for cars is Cherry Red. Tesla takes it step further and goes into the fruit bowl.

Vitamin C enhanced Tesla.


Fruity berriliscious Tesla.

Of course people like to take Teslas on the beach and party.

Let’s party on the beach Teslas.

Tropical Teslas having fun on the beach.

Tesla don’t make a lot of noise except when they party on the beach and sing.

The Singing Tesla Tones—-

Singing tropical Teslas,AUTO Connected Car News.

There is only one leader for Tesla’s Empire-Elon Musk.

Tesla drivers are like warriors fighting for their cause.

“Hail Elon! Tesla as Chariot.

For Scottish Tesla fans who like wear their kilts—Here’s a plaid Tesla in plaid.

Tesla is Glad to be plaid.

Tesla Model S Plaid from AUTO Connected Car News.