My BMW App Updated with Tire Info, Digital Key, Theft Recorder, Calendar Location & More

The range of functions of the My BMW App will be extended once again in November 2021 with various new offers. These include Digital Tyre Diagnosis, which is unique in the competitive environment and which provides the driver with comprehensive information about the condition of the vehicle’s tires.

New features of the My BMW App.

The range of functions of the updated My BMW App also includes the following new features:


  • The Tire Pressure Indicator provides the user with the tyre inflation pressures determined by the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system. As additional information, the user is given the recommended values for each axle. The user can thus check from the comfort of their own home whether the current tire inflation pressures of the vehicle are correct.
  • Digital Tire Diagnosis uses the completely newly developed tire inflation pressure loss detection system for the first time in this form. Due to a cloud-based algorithm, any tire inflation pressure losses can now be detected much earlier than by the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system. This is enabled by a diagnostic function implemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the BMW back end. Any loss of pressure is indicated to the driver by the My BMW App along with recommended action. Statistical information and AI methods can also be used to make predictions about the wear of the vehicle tires, so that a forecast can be made about the remaining service life of the tires until the recommended minimum tread depth is reached.

Because this information is almost available in real time in the BMW back end, if the customer agrees, proactive help can be provided quickly as required, for example with a suitable replacement. Digital Tire Diagnosis informs the customer independently on request, e.g. in the event of any technical necessity. This contact is established in a market-specific manner via the vehicle with a Teleservice message and by e-mail as well as via My BMW App. Digital Tire Diagnosis is only available at BMW. It is at first available for the BMW iX and BMW i4 models. An expansion to a wide range of models will follow. The roll-out will take place step-by-step. The function will already be available from 11 November in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, the USA and Canada.


  • With the BMW Digital Key Plus the user has the option of unlocking, starting and also locking the vehicle again without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket. Ultra-wideband technology (UWB) is used for this purpose, which is characterized by precise localization with maximum possible security. The BMW Digital Key Plus is provided for the Apple iPhone and can be passed on to five other users. This function will be introduced with the new BMW iX and rolled out in future models of the BMW brand.
  • The Remote Theft Recorder informs the customer by push notification if the vehicle’s alarm system is activated. If an alarm is triggered, the vehicle cameras record images of the entire environment and the vehicle interior. The customer can download and view the image material in the My BMW App. This is for deterring potential thieves. However, if the vehicle is still stolen or damaged, video (exterior camera) or photo (interieur camera) evidence are available. To use this function, the vehicle must be equipped with the optional anti-theft alarm equipment, Parking Assistant Plus and Interieur Camera.
  • The new Calendar Locations function enables customers to synchronise their calendar, including the list of planned journeys, with the My BMW App. Places linked to calendar entries can thus be displayed directly in the app and do not have to be searched for separately. These locations can also be transferred directly to the vehicle’s navigation system. Only calendar entries of the next 72 hours are synchronised.


  • Demo Mode also enables the use of the vehicle functions of the My BMW App without your own BMW vehicle. The user can choose between various BMW demo models and get an impression of the various functions of the app, e.g. for electromobility.


The updated My BMW App is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge by the user via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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