Digital Twins and Simulations Report from Strategy Analytics

The “Strategy Analytics Autonomous Vehicles Service (AVS) report, “Autonomous Vehicle Simulations: Why a Digital Twin is Needed in the Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem”, discusses, analyzes and tracks companies who come from different backgrounds and specializations from commercial technology, vehicle OEMs, manufacturers, automotive suppliers, simulation experts, academia and start-ups who are working towards the research, development and testing of simulation technologies for autonomous vehicles.

The report outlines the different types of simulations, open-source simulations, simulation tools, engineering simulations, driving simulators as well as the game engines that are used to create these types of simulation toolsets. Many automakers, OEMs, technology companies and start-ups are relying on simulations and graphics environments based on gaming engines such as Unit, Unreal Engine, Improbable and Blender.

However, other technology companies and start-ups want to create its own physics engines and platforms for autonomous driving and autonomous vehicle simulations. Companies like AImotive and NVIDIA believe that gaming engines cannot provide the determinism, high-fidelity and the physical and lighting conditions that an in-house, intellectual property platform has to offer.

“We will see more and more technology companies, automaker and start-ups transition to more in-house simulations in order to enable high realistic graphics, edge cases and scenarios for autonomous vehicle technologies,” said Angelos Lakrintis, Industry Analyst at AVS .