Safer Alto Rides and Deliveries from Alto Employees in Los Angeles

Alto, the first employee-based, on-demand rideshare and delivery company that provides the safest, most consistent, and highest quality experience, today announced its expansion into Los Angeles, CA. With a dedicated fleet of five-star crash rated SUVs and a team of fully employed, rigorously vetted and trained uniformed drivers, Alto is bringing its elevated experience to the Los Angeles market. The experience includes in vehicle Wi-Fi, music choices or “Do Not Disturb”, branded water bottles and umbrellas.

With safety as the foundation of Alto’s business, each driver is a W2-employee and undergoes an extensive background check in addition to a thorough safety and defensive driving training program. Drivers are empowered with the tools needed for a successful ride every time, with technical support embedded into Alto’s dashboard including destination confirmation, navigation preferences and more. Riders can feel confident knowing that anytime they request an Alto, it will be the same great experience down to the vehicle model, amenities, and even the scent.

In addition to passenger rides, Alto’s concierge service offers quality, consistent options for a variety of solutions including corporate or personal courier service, customer or employee courtesy rides, and food pick up and delivery. Alto’s uniformed employee drivers are available to shop, purchase and deliver a variety of needs from anywhere. Real-time monitoring and text capabilities are also available at all times, so members are always up to date.

“At such a critical time, we’re thrilled to bring Alto’s elevated rideshare and delivery experience to the Los Angeles market,” said Will Coleman, co-founder and CEO at Alto. “Knowing how many people have benefited from our consistent, high-quality and safe offerings in our initial market in Texas, we know we have a lot to offer to the LA community.”

Alto sets the standard in cleanliness in the ridesharing industry with its luxury fleets undergoing daily service checks, deep cleaning procedures, and between-ride cleanings with EPA-registered disinfectants. In addition to the daily cleaning and maintenance procedures, each vehicle’s high-touch surfaces such as the interior and exterior door handles and headrests are disinfected between every trip. To ensure maximum safety for its drivers and riders in the midst of COVID-19, Alto has double-downed on its safety efforts by equipping each vehicle with custom plexiglass barriers between the driver and passenger compartments while also installing HEPA cabin air filters that remove 99.9% of airborne particles.

Alto is currently available in Houston, Dallas, and now Los Angeles. Those interested can download the Alto app or sign up at

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