Drive-Through DMV ATMs in Nevada

Wouldn’t be nice if you could do motor vehicle registrations like you do at your Bank ATM’s? DMV’s are overwhelmed by the pandemic. Self-serive, ATM automated transaction machines are now available in Nevada.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is expanding its popular self-service registration renewal kiosk program, adding the first-of-its-kind drive-through Nevada DMV Now kiosk. The program is widely popular with Nevadans who use the DMV Now kiosks to process over 650,000 motor vehicle transactions per year. Many of these transactions are conducted in retail stores, allowing citizens access to conveniently renew vehicle registrations. In addition to vehicle registration renewals, Nevadans are also able to complete the following transactions at a DMV Now kiosk.
Innovative DMV drive through kiosk installed at the Nevada DMV office located in South Reno can be used for:

  • Registration Renewals
  • Duplicate Registration and Decals
  • Insurance Suspension Reinstatement
  • Driver History Printout
  • Tax Exemptions

The new 42,000 square-foot South Reno DMV location, opening on Monday, Nov. 2, features three outside kiosks, including the first-ever drive-through DMV kiosk. Nevadans can now complete their kiosk transactions, 24/7, without ever leaving the comfort of their vehicle.

“We’re really excited to install the first of its kind drive-through DMV kiosk at our new Reno DMV office,” DMV Director Julie Butler said. “Our kiosk brings the DMV to the comfort of your car with six transactions and 24/7 availability. We’re also expanding the kiosk program with 10 new installations in the coming months.” The drive-through kiosk accepts credit and debit cards only.

Previously known as the Nevada DMV-in-a-Box program, the Nevada DMV Now kiosks, provided by ITI of Fort Wayne, IN, allow Nevadans to complete vehicle registrations on their own schedule. With the drive-through kiosk and kiosks located in various retail locations that are open extended hours, Nevada vehicle owners can renew registrations when and where it is convenient for them.

DMV Now kiosks are as easy to use as an ATM, and registrations can be renewed in as little as two minutes. Simply use the access code or bar code from your renewal notice or input the license plate number and last 4 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), swipe your credit card, and watch your registration and decal print out. A smog check must be completed if one is required. Nevada DMV Now kiosks accept payments by credit or debit card in retail locations, and credit, debit, and cash in DMV office locations. On-screen instructions and voice prompts are available in English or Spanish.

Nevada DMV Now kiosks are located at select Nevada DMV offices, and other retail locations.