IntelliDrive Gets More Intelligent to Combat Distracted Driving

The Travelers Companies, Inc. announced that it has enhanced IntelliDrive, its usage-based auto insurance mobile app. IntelliDrive provides customers with a better understanding of their driving habits – and rewards them for safe driving – by collecting and assessing data on behaviors such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, speed, the time of day customers drive and now, distracted driving.

The enhancements include:

  • The ability to detect when customers interact with their mobile devices to help combat distracted driving.
  • A feature that captures the number of consecutive drives taken without interacting with a phone.
  • A user-friendly dashboard that allows drivers to track their performance, and the ability to compare it with other drivers in the household.
  • Informative articles that provide safe driving tips.
  • Enhanced savings for safe drivers.

“We’re committed to finding new, more sophisticated ways to reduce distracted driving,” said Michael Klein, Executive Vice President and President of Personal Insurance at Travelers. “The latest version of IntelliDrive is an example of how we’re innovating in this space. By zeroing in on dangerous behaviors like texting, the app empowers our customers to earn a better rate on their insurance while keeping our roads safer.”

IntelliDrive captures driving information for all enrolled drivers in the household for 90 days to determine their overall driving performance. Safe drivers can see savings of up to 30% on their auto premiums at renewal, as well as savings of up to 10% for new customers at the time of enrollment. In most states, riskier driving habits can result in higher premiums.

The updated IntelliDrive app is now available in Illinois and Oregon and will launch in additional states later this year. The original program is still available to customers in most states.