As vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and providing new user experiences, the reinforcement of passenger safety and data security is essential. Faurecia will hence develop its cybersecurity expertise through collaboration with local startups and major innovation clusters giving access to emerging trends and new technologies. This will enable the Group to propose complete end-to-end solutions integrated into the vehicle, securing the software, data and cloud connectivity.

In addition to securing its solutions, Faurecia has also been working to globally assess and protect its network of industrial sites and offices from cyber security risks. As of today, 60 dedicated cyber security experts are working to prevent, detect and control cyber security issues and the newly established Tel Aviv platform will contribute to reinforce the overall strategy.

The Israeli ecosystem is leading innovation and the development of solutions in cyber security. By working with a broad ecosystem, we are better placed to offer leading edge technology for the security of our products and systems.

Besides expanding its global community of software engineers, designers and systems architects, the new technology platform will bring Faurecia new skills through penetration testing experts to analyze potential vulnerabilities across multiple coding languages and protocols. Furthermore, last May, Faurecia also realized an investment in GuardKnox, a world-leading automotive cybersecurity startup, identified through its Tel Aviv technology platform.

This inauguration is part of Faurecia’s ongoing strategy to build up innovation ecosystems by relying on technology platforms which Tel-Aviv is the best-in-class in the cybersecurity field. The other Group’s technology platforms are located in the Silicon Valley, Toronto and Shenzen.

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