Connected Car News: Tesla, Zubie, Cabonline, HERE, Porsche, Hitachi & Kalray

In connected car news are Tesla, e-scooter efficency, Zubie, Cabonline, HERE, Porsche, Hitachi and Kalray.

Free is Back

Free Tesla supercharging was removed from new Tesla buyers unless they referred a customer–it’s back but only Tesla Model S and X oderss.

E-Scooters Are Not So Eco-Friendly

A new study from Carolina State University finds the eco-claims of e-scooter providers is not true. Gas-powered vehicles are used to move the e-scooters around. Half of e-scooter riders would have walked or biked that last mile if the scooter wasn’t available.  Only third of respondents t said they would have used a car for that last mile of their journey if the e-scooter was not available.

The global warming impact of a scooter is roughly half that of a gasoline-powered car, taking into account the creation of both the car and the scooter.

However “We find that the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with e-scooter use is higher in 65% of our Monte Carlo simulations than the suite of modes of transportation that are displaced—This likelihood drops to 35%–50% under our improved and efficient e-scooter collection processes

” Also the collection and distribution fro charging adds to the carbon foot print of the process.

TSD Partners with Zubie

TSD, the industry’s largest rental fleet management software provider, announced its partnership with Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics data insights provider, to give fleet operators a seamless connected car solution.

Through this alliance, TSD’s customers will gain access to Zubie’s full GPS/ geo-fence capabilities, and real-time fuel and odometer readings. These capabilities help TSD customers to save time by expediting routine tasks and improving fleet availability to benefit rental business’ bottom lines.

Cabonline & HERE

Cabonline, a leading European technology platform for the transport industry, has selected HERE Technologies as its mapping and location services provider to support the company’s future growth.

Cabonline is the largest taxi company in the Nordics and its technology platform powers everything from booking to dispatch to payment for multiple owned and affiliated taxi brands across the region. These include Taxi Kurir, Norgetaxi, TOPCAB, Kovanen, Taxi Skåne, Taxi Väst, Umeå Taxi and Sverigetaxi.

Cabonline is now integrating the HERE Location Services suite into its platform, giving it access to accurate mapping, traffic information and routing algorithms.

Porsche Digital

Porsche Digital Inc. in Atlanta will open August 1 at the headquarters of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA). Sharing the same location with PCNA will help the new cross-functional team of product owners, user experience designers, software developers and business analysts focus on North American customer and business requirements. In particular, Porsche Digital Atlanta will work on two key solutions: the customer portal My Porsche and a digital sales platform for a multitude of new online commerce and digital services.

ParkMobile 15M Users

ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America, has completed a strong first half of 2019. The company now has over 15 million users and is adding almost 500,000 new registered users every month. This growth has led the company to rank #3 in the navigation category of the app store, only behind Google Maps and Waze.

Hitachi Partners with Plug and Play

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.  announced a partnership for collaboration with Plug and Play, a global innovation platform that brings together the best startups with the world’s largest corporations. Through this collaboration, Hitachi Automotive Systems will strengthen connections with leading startups in the mobility space including autonomous driving and connected cars, and accelerate its innovation capabilities.

Based in Silicon Valley in the United States, Plug and Play has offices in over 20 locations globally, and has developed accelerator programs and corporate innovation services. Plug and Play has developed a unique ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and runs accelerator programs across a range of industries including mobility, IoT, supply chain and logistics, and smart cities.

Kalray MPPA

Kalray, pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems, announced the tape-out of MPPA3 aka Coolidge™, its third generation of unique and patented MPPA® («Massively Parallel Processor Array») processor family, on TSMC 16nm FinFET process technology. The tape-out is an important milestone for a semiconductor company, as it indicates the completion of the design phase and the beginning of the manufacturing process.

As new generation of intelligent processors, Kalray MPPA processors have the capability to analyze on the fly, and in an intelligent manner, a very large amount of information to make decisions and interact in real time with the outside world.

Coolidge processor will support the company’s ambitions on Data Center and Automotive markets. A broad range of high-performance applications will take advantage of Coolidge, including embedded applications, intelligent cars and autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), aerospace & defense, medical equipment robots, data center, networking, high performance computing, high performance storage, as well as, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Ground-Breaking Motus Office in MI

Leading global automotive supplier headquartered in Michigan, Motus Integrated Technologies, broke ground on its $15 million, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gadsden, Ala. The 96,000 square foot facility will create nearly 100 jobs producing headliners, interior door and console armrests, and instrument panel trim components for the auto industry.