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Hey BMW Who Powers Your Voice? Nuance

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN), the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations, today announced that it powers features of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Available first in the new BMW 3 Series, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is an AI-powered digital companion that enables drivers to operate their car and access its functions and information simply by speaking.

With voice as the most natural form of interaction, Nuance’s conversational-AI powered mobility assistant platform is key to BMW’s personal assistant, powering a multitude of features that are core to the in-car experience:

  • Customizable wake-up word – A unique capability in the digital assistant landscape, drivers can use the standard “Hey BMW” wake-up word or change the name of the assistant to one of their choosing for a more personalized experience.
  • Voice-powered interaction – Nuance developed natural language understanding and generation in 22 languages, enabling drivers to use their natural way of speaking to control key in-car functions, including point of interest search, navigation, temperature control, radio control, weather, etc.
  • Smart, voice-activated car manual – Available in US English, German and Mandarin to start, with more languages coming in the future, drivers will be able to access the entire car manual using their voice, an increasingly important feature as cars become even more complex and printed manuals become harder to navigate.
  • Voice-triggered experience and caring modes – Drivers can express their emotional and cognitive states using natural language, like being stressed or tired. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant responds by switching several of the car systems into a mode appropriate for the situation.

“For our automaker partners, bringing an assistant that feels very natural into the car is key to creating an experience that builds loyalty and engagement among their drivers – and differentiates them from their competition,” said Stefan Ortmanns, EVP and general manager, Nuance Automotive. “We’re excited and proud to be a part of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, the next generation of the BMW experience that has its foundations in the voice-powered recognition and personalization features we provide.”