Dash Cam Pilot Project Proven to Improve Driving

Nationwide’s partnership with Nexar, is proven to help improve driving.

A pilot program in New York City used Nexar dashcams in the fleet vehicles of a Nationwide commercial lines client, HASC Center, a non-profit agency that provides services — including transportation services — for children with special needs. During the 16-week program, HASC Center drivers demonstrated significantly safer driving habits by the end of the program, showing a substantial decrease in the key driving behaviors identified as most likely to lead to accidents.

Nexar’s dashcam pp connects vehicles to a connected safe driving network, improving the roads for everyone.

During the pilot, Nexar installed its dash-cam technology with the HASC Center in 20 fleet vehicles. Over the course of 16 weeks, the dashcams monitored over 3,000 hours of fleet vehicle operation and more than 20,000 miles of mostly city travel.

The pilot program determined that, collectively, HASC Center’s fleet drivers demonstrated improved driving behavior from the beginning of the trial to the end. For example, hard-braking maneuvers decreased 70 percent from five hard brakes per 100 miles to one-and-a-half hard brakes per 100 miles.

A follow-up survey of the pilot showed that 78 percent of fleet managers indicated that dashcam technology had a positive or very positive impact on driver behavior, and 67 percent of drivers reported that they were comfortable with dashcam technology present in their vehicle.

Nationwide is committed to driving innovation. Nexar is a mobility startup focused on promoting safer driving. Nexar provides collision prevention, detection, reconstruction, as well as traffic light prediction and other data products to the insurance and automotive industries.