More Automotive Cybersecurity & @TU-Automotive: $, Toyota, Hyundai, Airbuiquity, Arity, Valens, Gemalto & Karamba Security

There were two big automotive connected car related events this week, ITS America and TU-Automotive Detroit. For TU-Automotive Detroit we thought that we covered everything but after we combed through the news and the massive amount of emails we received, we learned more news from the speakers and the exhibitors including Strategy Analytics, Hyundai, Toyota, Airbuiquity, Airity, Valens, Gemalto and Karamba Security.

Here’s what we have so far:

Show Us the Money!

Tech CARS Award Winner, Roger Lanctot, started the event with keynote, warning about how “The A-Team” is coming meaning Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Alexa.

Jason Grover of Hyundai illustrated the trend showing how Hyundai’s Blue Link system has expanded to offer Amazon Alexa, Android Auto and Apple. Soon Hyundai will offer payments for gas, parking and food using Xevo’s payment technology.

Jack Hicks EVP of Toyota took the marketplace within vehicle concep even further by showing future where autonomous vehicles bring a mini store kiosk on wheels to customers to buy shoes or bring mobile office or 3D printer.

Blockchain could be very hepful for commertce- “The car could be economically autonomous,” paying for tolls, fuel, etc. from a stash of cryptocurrency,” said Sebastien Henot, Renualt.

Airbiquity OTA & Airity for New Data Insights

Airbiquity, a global leader in connected vehicle services, and Arity, the technology company founded by The Allstate Corporation, is announced at TU-Automotive Detroit that it will be enhancing its collaboration to further integrate Airbiquity’s OTAmatic over the air (OTA) software and data management offering with Arity’s data analytics and insights capability. Together, they will help automakers leverage and generate revenue from the data collected in cars.

Between regulations, lack of partnerships, consumer preferences, and organizational structure, automakers have faced challenges when looking at the monetization of data. Airbiquity and Arity have joined forces to provide an innovative solution for automakers to overcome those roadblocks. The collaboration allows them to take the collected data and make insightful revenue generating decisions with it. The data monetization opportunities expand from insurance use cases such as simplifying the telematics-based insurance experience or rewarding drivers for using advanced safety systems in their vehicles, to helping shared mobility operators improve profitability and creating safer navigation solutions.

“As we look to the future, a self-driving car can generate 1 gigabyte of data per second, which means 30 seconds of driving would fill up the memory on a typical iPhone,” says Gary Hallgren, President of Arity. “More data means more money and automakers are in the best position to put this data to good use. The data from connected cars is rich and diverse, helping Arity to create better insights for our ecosystem partners. The expansion of our collaboration with Airbiquity allows us to put our technologies to work through one solution that will allow automakers to find real economic value in the collected data, while continuing to be at the forefront of the next wave of automotive innovation.”

Erriccson & 5G

Juergen Daunis, showed where the automotive industry stands regarding connectivity and suggested that automakers should not by held back by the network as in-car technologies advance. To engage in the future, automotive OEMs need to be aware of the capabilities of the 5G network that can be utilized to build a competitive edge and drive cost savings.

“We need to speed things up to achieve the highly automated transportation system, but it’s not all about the network providers, the network technology providers and the mobile network operators. The automotive industry needs to be in on this too, ” said  -Juergen Daunis, VP Global Sales Connected Vehicles, Ericsson/.

Gemalto V2X & More

Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, will had two representatives speaking during TU Automotive. Christine Caviglioli discussed identity management and Pierre Gerard will joined a panel discussing secure V2X communications. Gemalto offers a full range of digital services that  is helping automakers build on top of secure digital infrastructure.

Valens Automotive: PCIe, Daisy Chains & Diagnostics

Valens Automotive is demoing three features of their industry-leading HDBaseT technology at TU Automotive Detroit. They include:

Long-distance transmission of PCIe data over an HDBaseT Automotive link on a single UTP.
In the demo, Valens’ HDBaseT Automotive connects Qualcomm’s CPU (Snapdragon Automotive Solutions) to a PCIe SSD storage device, over a long-distance (15m/50ft) HDBaseT link.

Daisy-Chain Architecture
Connecting four different sources (two video sources, and two real-time cameras) to four displays (two mirror replacement displays, head unit and instrument panel) over the same UTP cable, for a simpler, more elegant and cost-effective architecture, with near-zero latency and redundancy.

Connectivity & built-in link diagnostics and data integrity monitoring.
In this demo, we show how HDBaseT Automotive is able to pinpoint source and cause of errors and link imperfections with increased granularity, comprehensive scope, and compensation; mitigate errors, while maintained data tunneling over the impaired link; and provide predictive maintenance on link degradation.

“We are in a new era of connectivity, and our cars are becoming data centers on wheels, transmitting and generating large volumes of data from hundreds of sensors and components in real-time. Today’s existing automotive infrastructure is struggling to meet the needs of tomorrows connected and autonomous vehicle, which is why we are driving the future forward with our HDBaseT Automotive chipset technology, enabling OEMs to reimagine the next generation of smart in-vehicle network architecture,” said Micah Risling, Senior Vice President of Valens Automotive.

Karmaba Security & Micron Taking it to the ECUs

Karamba Security, a world-leading provider of end-to-end automotive cybersecurity prevention solutions today announced a new industry collaboration to enhance security hardening for the automotive market. Karamba Security is working with leading semiconductor vendor Micron Technology to leverage the Micron® Authenta™ security architecture in Karamba’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) hardening and CAN Bus encryption software, enabling an enhanced embedded security solution previously unavailable for traditional in-vehicle architectures. This solution will leverage hardware security features in Authenta-enabled flash memory to improve content and run-time integrity while simplifying overall platform security implementations.

“Micron is a leading provider in the connected car ecosystem,” said Ami Dotan, Karamba Security’s co-founder and CEO. “When looking at the emerging autonomous vehicle architecture we all know security needs to be enhanced. We are proud to join forces with Micron to improve out-of-the-box security when hardening crucial in-vehicle units to ensure consumer safety.”

“Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for our automotive customers as the market transitions to the era of connected vehicles and emerging autonomous vehicles. Cybersecurity issues are complex and require a combination of hardware and software technologies to be closely integrated to simplify implementation, adoption and solution hardening,” said Giorgio Scuro, vice president of the Automotive Division at Micron. “We are pleased to team with Karamba, who has a strong fit with our Authenta security ecosystem, and who shares our vision of simplifying adoption of enhanced security solutions by our customers.”

The Karamba technology integration with Micron leverages industry-standard cryptographic primitives in silicon available uniquely on Micron’s Authenta-enabled flash memory. When Karamba automatically creates a security policy for run-time integrity validation and binary whitelists, it leverages the Authenta-enabled flash memory device to attest to the integrity of these critical elements through authenticated commands and cryptographic measurements. This advanced implementation provides a higher level of resiliency while keeping the performance level the industry has come to expect from Karamba hardening solutions.

Key advantages for this announcement:

  • Out-of-the-box integration between Karamba end-to-end protection and Micron® Authenta™ security architecture
  • Higher level of security and resiliency while maintaining 100 percent of Karamba’s software real-time prevention capabilities against zero-day exploits
  • Zero false positives; no lengthy process of detect-investigate-respond for critical attacks
  • Seamless and rapid integration into any ECU code, without developer intervention, avoiding time-to-market delays
  • Trustworthiness of critical code and policy data based on silicon roots of trust and built-in measurements in Authenta-enabled flash devices
  • Security hardening leveraging flash memory—a socket that already exists in all main automotive electronic platforms—eliminating need to add additional hardware components for security and reducing architectural fragmentation

Recently, Karamba Security was selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for IoT Cybersecurity 2018 where its automotive track record was considered an important factor for the technology potential in other verticals.