Fisker Goes into Autonomous Orbit with Protean eDrive

Tech CARS winner Fisker Inc. announced the autonomous electric shuttle the Orbit, will be powered Protean Electric’s revolutionary in-wheel eDrive technology – to maximize interior space while further redefining the future of short trip mobility.

The Orbit is created by  Henrik Fisker.  Fisker is the designer and manufacturer of the electric vehicles complemented with breakthrough automotive technology . The news release claims that the Orbit significantly enhances the passenger experience in urban environments, including smart city ecosystems.

For example scenario,  Orbit shuttles will be fully connected – with their locations available to be viewed on a mobile application for set routes, therefore there will not be a long wait time.

The interior will feature a variation of mood zones, depending on the passenger’s preference – and the shuttle will offer new digital experiences to further enhance rides.

Orbit’s exterior reflects Henrik Fisker’s futuristic design vision for smart mobility.

Henrik Fisker’s eMotion won a Tech CARS Award and is best known for its solid-state batteries.

Fikser Tweeted, “Last week we did several cycles of 5C rates (12-minute charge, discharge) and our solid state cells recovered to 100% capacity. Now this is getting really exciting.”

ProteanDrive is an in-wheel eDrive system selected by Fisker engineers to help optimize interior space and simplify powertrain integration. With the vehicle not featuring a steering wheel or pedals, the configuration enables the Orbit to comfortably carry passengers without the intrusion of traditional powertrain components.

“The Fisker Orbit already encompasses breakthrough automotive technology, design innovation and exciting touches that will change the way urban populations think about short trip experiences. We selected Protean’s in-wheel powertrain technology to further deliver on those promises. The fastest path to fully autonomous vehicles – without a steering wheel – is through shuttles like the Orbit, and we’re excited to lead the charge into the future of mobility with such world-class, sustainable technology,” said Henrik Fiskter

The Fisker Orbit will be available in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive configurations – depending on customer needs. The company will begin testing prototypes of the vehicle – with integrated Protean powertrains – this year, while full deployments of the Orbit on a set route are scheduled for next year.