Personalized Loan & Lease iPhone/Android Approval App for Nissan Buyers in CA

Consumers looking to purchase a Nissan can now access personalized retail and lease preapproval offers through digital credit shopping on their smartphones. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) today announced it is joining the mobile-first AutoGravity automotive shopping and financing platform. Through this collaboration, consumers will be able to select any Nissan vehicle and see finance offers from NMAC within minutes on their mobile device.

Based in Irvine, California, AutoGravity is using proprietary technology to revolutionize the car financing process by connecting consumers, lenders and dealers through a modern digital marketplace. AutoGravity partners with leading banks and manufacture-affiliated lenders like NMAC to offer consumers convenience, transparency and choice, sending ready-to-buy users to dealers across the country.

“NMAC wants to provide consumers the most seamless automotive financing process possible,” said Kevin Cullum, president, NMAC. “We use smartphones to manage many aspects of our lives, so it’s only natural for digital to be the next evolution in automotive financing. With our participation on the AutoGravity app, we are able to utilize this cutting-edge technology to connect with digital-savvy consumers and provide them with NMAC loan and lease preapproval options.”

The AutoGravity app guides automotive shoppers through an intuitive four-step digital retail process:

  • Select any make and model of any new or used car available in the United States.
  • Browse thousands of cars by trim, color, body type and other attributes.
  • The platform shows the closest dealers and inventory based on vehicle preference and geo-location.
  • Search for financing with smartphone simplicity. Users can scan their driver’s license and connect to social media to quickly pre-fill the application.
  • Receive up to four personalized preapproval finance offers in minutes and complete the purchase or lease at the dealership selected by the consumer.

“Our collaboration with Nissan is another great example of how AutoGravity is bringing technology to the forefront of the car-shopping experience,” said Andy Hinrichs, founder and CEO of AutoGravity. “As the ‘digital glue’ that brings buyers, dealers and finance providers together through one convenient smartphone app, AutoGravity is enhancing the way consumers find and finance a vehicle — right from the palm of their hands.”

AutoGravity protects consumer information with advanced bank-level encryption and proprietary data security technologies, processing sensitive information in a safe and secure way. More than 1,000,000 consumers have downloaded the AutoGravity app since it launched in the summer of 2016, collectively requesting over $1 billion in financing. The AutoGravity platform is available across the United States. NMAC financing options are currently available on the AutoGravity app in California and will be available nationwide in mid-2018.