Telogis Telematic Connected Car Features Available Through SYNC Ford F-150

Telogis, A Verizon Company, announced that Ford commercial customers will be able to use Ford SYNC Connect to access the services of the Telogis Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software platform. The Telogis platform provides vehicle location, driver behavior, navigation, route planning and optimization, and compliance solutions for companies with fleets and mobile workers.

Customers who order the 2018 Ford F-150 with SYNC Connect can easily link their vehicles to their existing Ford Telematics or Telogis accounts.  This capability will soon be made available in other Ford commercial vehicles including Ford Super Duty, Transit and Transit Connect. Customers also can choose to have Ford Telematics factory-installed in current Ford commercial vehicles.

“The addition of connectivity in Ford commercial vehicles provides value for customers that goes way beyond owning a great truck,” said Susan Heystee, senior vice president, worldwide OEM sales at Telogis, “Once Ford customers are connected to the Telogis platform through SYNC Connect, it’s like turning the lights on and getting insight into every aspect of their mobile business.”

Telogis Fleet is a web-based fleet management solution built on a scalable platform designed to integrate with your entire business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch.

Telogis allows managers to validate  team’s productivity with a verified record of service including details such as start times, job completion and driving time – even when and where your supervisors are supervising.

Telogis allows mangers to set up incentives and help the whole business work to their potential and beyond. Telogis also lets supports managers through:

  • Monitor high-value assets around-the-clock.
  • Driver ID technology helps tthe team take responsibility for company assets and the whereabouts of people on teams.
  • Insurance claims and asset recovery are easy with a simple history look-up to show exactly what happened where.