BMW Launches Connected Car Data Program

BMW announced BMW CarData for advanced uses of BMW car data for third party services, usage-based insurance, personalized infotainment privacy options and more. A BMW with a built-in SIM card is required BMW CarData with approximately 8.5 million BMW vehicles meeting the requirement. Registered ConnectedDrive portal subscribers will be able to use BMW CarData at no additional cost.

BMW CarData allows customers to manage how their telematics data is shared with service providers very simply. All it takes to release data, deny access or withdraw previous consent is a click of the mouse: The customer alone decides whether or not a company receives their data. In this way, customers always maintain control.

BMW reports that they are the first automotive company to introduce this service, which conforms to the EU General Data Protection Regulation planned for 2018. The highest level of transparency is guaranteed and customers can request a CarData report of the data released or a CarData archive via the ConnectedDrive portal at any time. The archive contains a detailed list of the telematics data stored in connection with the vehicle and a glossary explaining key terms.

Service providers, such as garages, insurance companies and fleet managers, can register with BMW CarData. If customers want to use a specific service and actively consent to the release of their telematics data, the requesting companies receive the data they need for the service in encrypted form via BMW’s secure backend. This information provides the basis for customized, data-based and innovative service options – from infotainment to smart home functionality – enabling a broad range of value-added services for customers.

BMW CarData will be launched in Germany on 30 May 2017 and then gradually rolled out in other markets.

BMW expanded its BMW Connected services to be compatible with Apple Watch Series 2, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Android and Samsung Gear S3. The whole system is designed to work seamlessly on the street, sidewalk and in the vehicle.

BMW Connected Open Mobility Cloud connects touchpoints like smartphones and smartwatches with users’ cars, integrating the car into their digital lives. It uses an intelligent BMW ID based on a user’s travel patterns over time to give BMW Connected users a personalized experience over all available touchpoints (places, activities, appointments, etc)