Elektrobit offers new modules for EB robinos for self-driving

Elektrobit announced four new modules for its EB robinos product line: EB robinos Grid Fusion, EB robinos Path Planning, EB robinos Positioning and EB robinos Safety Management. These modules enable automakers and automotive suppliers to add critical and precise functionalities for Highly Automated Driving (HAD) applications including automated parking, highway driving and lane keeping.

Announced in 2016, EB robinos is the first comprehensive, hardware-agnostic framework that enables carmakers and automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market increasingly automated driving features and manage the complexity of advanced in-car systems.

The new EB robinos modules are:

  • EB robinos Grid Fusion—This is a flexible environment for developing grid-based sensor data fusion. It allows the HAD systems to deliver information on obstacles and obstacle-free areas and ultimately providing the vehicle with environmental perception and the ability to virtually “see” its surroundings.
  • EB robinos Path Planning—Since it is essential for a highly automated vehicle to follow an exact path along the road, the new EB robinos Path Planning—using precise map data—provides a framework for flexible medium-term path planning that guides the vehicle to a short-term destination.
  • EB robinos Positioning—One of the most important pieces of data in a highly automated vehicle is its precise position: lane following, path planning, tactical planning, and automated parking all require this data from different sources and sensors at different times and in different quality. EB robinos Positioning provides multilevel positioning data with precision up to the decimeter in separate streams for an optimal performance.
  • EB robinos Safety Management—This module ensures that HAD features work perfectly by ensuring flawless safety and error management. It provides supervision of data streams of EB robinos data structures, monitoring processes and identifying potential failures.

“In automated driving systems, many pieces of software and hardware need to work together seamlessly,” said Dr. Björn Giesler, head of driver assistance at EB. “EB robinos is designed to manage this complexity and help automakers master the challenges of automated driving. The addition of these four new modules will help to streamline the development and production of highly automated driving systems and encourage carmakers and the automotive industry to contribute to our open robinos specification.”

Earlier this year, EB announced, EB robinos Predictor, a software module that provides accurate street map and topographical data for the development of predictive functionalities and driver assistance systems.