Pokémon Go player crashes into patrol car: server down – auto crashes up

CnpHdemWYAAZvNmA police body camera captured a Pokémon Go player crashing a Toyota Rav 4 into a police car in Baltimore. The police officers were outside of the patrol vehicle when it was hit on the 2900 block of Eastern Avenue.

The driver of the Rav 4 told the officers that he was looking down playing the Pokémon Go game.

It seems Pokemon Go players are not heading the Twitter warning of NHTSA:

Another Twitter warning came from Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department:

This is a second crash reported in the media caused by Pokémon Go playing while driving. If the company would disable the game while driving they could have less strain on their servers and also save lives.

Meanwhile, there’s a SERVER UPDATE: Some players who have been able to log into have reported Pokéstops are sometimes not appearing and/or working.

1h1 hour ago;

At this time, all regions are still offline. If you are able to get in, do not use any lures, lucky eggs or incense.

While there are suggestions that players get rewarded for not Pokémoning while driving, it would be far safer and more ethical to not allow use at fast speeds, ever. Since many of the players are very young, it is better not to tempt them. The app warns of use while driving while users can gain more points by cruising in cars looking for Pokémon.

58% of Pokemon Go players are in the 18-to-24 age range, while another 38 percent is comprised of 25-to-30-year-old players, according to Vox.