Connected Car App will track kids so VW OS (CarNet) can alert drivers

kinderWhile Volkswagens with diesel engines continue to pollute the planet, VW plans to protect children by integrating kid tracking via smartphones or a free GPS device that can be attached to a backpack or book bag with its headunit software, called CarNet in the United States.

Volkswagen has signed a strategic partnership with Coodriver GmbH. The focus of the cooperation is the “Schutzranzen” (protection satchel) app that will help motorists to see children on the road in time to avoid collisions.

The app will be integrated into the display and operating system of new Volkswagen models in future. Children can not be seen when they run out between cars.

Young children in particular are frequently unaware of the dangers of traffic and are often victims of road accidents.

The “Schutzranzen” vehicle app aims to avoid such accidents involving children in future by alerting the driver in time about hazardous situations visually and/or audibly.

The two project partners, Volkswagen AG and Coodriver GmbH, a cloud-based application service provider for traffic safety have decided to work together

Volkswagen AG and Coodriver GmbH will be jointly developing a technology that fully integrates “Schutzranzen” into the display and operating system of the vehicle.

Once children have downloaded the app on their own smartphone, it sends their current position to the Coodriver cloud. Children who do not have a smartphone can send the signal to vehicles via a GPS transmitter integrated in their satchel. This tracker is offered free of charge by Coodriver GmbH.

The position of the child and of the driver is determined by the system and transmitted in encrypted form to the cloud. The cloud server calculates the required safety distance between the child and vehicle. If it falls below a certain level, a visual and audible signal integrated in the car app warns drivers about children on the roadside. And that happens long before the driver is even able to see an approaching school child. This gives drivers enough warning to be able to brake in time.