CarMD new service with repair predictions announced an new report service based on VIN numbers that tells the past history of the vehicle and predicts future repair bills.

The new Health and History reports will be accessible online and via the new CarMD App. The Health and History reports can help used car buyers in their decisions.

The new reports cost less than CarFax and offer the added benefit of predicted repair costs.The cost is a bundle of five CarMD Health and History reports for $25.

Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)-specific Health and History Report includes information

  • Accident; theft; hail, fire and flood damage history.
  • Five-year cost of ownership.
  • Average miles per gallon.
  • If it has ever had its odometer rolled back.  Sales history, market value and the most current title information.
  •  Upcoming maintenance items, including some beyond manufacturer recommendations.
  • Exclusive CarMD Predictive Failure listing probability of things likely to go wrong with the vehicle in the next year and estimated cost to repair.

Both the app and CarMD Health and History reports are available to anyone, whether or not you are a CarMD tool owner.

Consumers who want additional information about the current health of a vehicle – including emissions test readiness, details about why the check engine light is on and related repair costs – may be interested in buyin a CarMD Mobile product.

The Bluetooth-enabled handheld device connects to the car’s OBD2 port and works with the CarMD app to provide diagnostic information such as diagnostic trouble code severity, layperson’s description of the problem, and most likely fix including parts and labor.