Chevrolet most Googlest – new app unlocks remotes & OnStars

mychevyappChevrolet is upping its technology game. Already Chevrolet owns the top searches on Google. To keep Chevy customers satisfied the company has combined the OnStar and RemoteLink apps for a seamless customer experience.

Google released its annual Year in Search 2015 report and four of the top 10 trends in vehicle searches were for Chevrolet models. The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu was the most searched car and the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado was the most searched truck. The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and 2016 Chevrolet Colorado were fourth and eighth respectively in overall vehicle searches.

When customers want to use OnStar or remote features on Chevrolet models, soon they will have a new consolidated app, myChevrolet.

Chevrolet will show it newest verison myChevrolet mobile app at CES 2016 that will combine services currently available through the myChevrolet and OnStar RemoteLink in 2016. The combo app will give customers easier mobile access to roadside assistance, parking reminders, owner’s manual content, vehicle diagnostics, Wi-Fi hotspot management and key fob commands such as remote start and door unlock.

The myChevrolet app  will debut a new customizable user experience and be a platform for the growth of future mobile OnStar RemoteLink allows owners with an OnStar account to use their smartphone to unlock/lock doors, activate the horn and lights, and start the engine from any distance. Users can also check vehicle diagnostics such as fuel range, tire pressure and oil life, receive personalized retail offers through the AtYourService feature, and send directions to the vehicle’s navigation system. Customers with an OnStar 4G LTE-equipped vehicle can manage their Wi-Fi hotspot and data plan.

Chevrolet owners used the OnStar RemoteLink app more than 50 million times in 2015, totaling more than 6 million requests in the month of November alone.

The myChevrolet app will integrate the RemoteLink features while still offering the ability to contact roadside assistance, schedule maintenance, access the vehicle owner manual and set parking reminders. Users will be able to customize the app home screen by ordering the tabs they use most often and removing those they don’t use.

The inclusion of the RemoteLink features into the myChevrolet app is part of an overarching redesign of the Chevrolet Owner Center experience to make vehicle management and ownership seamless. Beginning next year, will allow customers to manage their OnStar account, along with tracking vehicle service history, scheduling maintenance and checking vehicle information.

The myChevrolet app will be available on select 2010 and newer retail Chevrolet vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. To access the full set of app features, users will need to activate their OnStar service and agree to the Terms and Conditions.