whiteCryption secures apps & cars with Cryptanium @ConnectedCarLA

car-43993_640At the Connected Car Expo during the LA Auto Show, security cryptoprahy provider whiteCryption, announced that its line of Cryptanium security will be deployed my major automakers with software and white-box cryptography.

whiteCryption secure smobile apps that control cars. Smartphone apps are used for automated steering, parking, braking and other driving functions that all require a high level of security for safety and privacy, and for protection against hacking.

As cars become more connected, devices and applications that help the cars stay connected introduce vulnerabilities, data leaks and privacy breaches. The diversity of connected devices puts pressure on both car manufacturers and users. whiteCryption’s software-based solution secures the connected car at both the manufacturer and user levels with a combination of two security components – whiteCryption Cryptanium Code Protection (software application hardening) and Cryptanium Secure Key Box (white-box cryptography).

For manufacturers, Cryptanium secures the car operation, including over-the-air (OTA) software updates, navigation, diagnostics system, vehicle data, speed and driving habits, as well as infotainment data and apps integrity.

For users, Cryptanium protects mobile applications that are responsible for vehicle locks/unlocks; remote starts, steering and braking; vehicle status; authentication and other vehicle communications functions that would otherwise lead to vulnerabilities and security risks.

Cryptanium protects code, stops theft of IP and reverse engineering, and keeps cryptographic keys and data private. The software-based, solution adds a layer of protection to deliver the next level of obfuscation, self-defense and tamper resistance technology. As opposed to hardware, software security solutions are easily upgradable and help avoid the limitations and risks involved with conventional application security.