Clarion intros next-gen SurroundEye shows view of blind spots & full surround sound

SurroundEye-nextgen02_25-120400_304x190Clarion is showing the world debut of their next-generation “SurroundEye” during the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) 2015 and new full digital sound system.
Clarion’s SurroundEye is a video system m is based on conventional visual field support system that was developed to eliminate blind spots for drivers. It displays a bird’s-eye-view of what is surround the vehicle using multiple cameras.
SurroundEye-03_25-121125_338x190The high-precision synthetic images are produced by Clarion’s original image processing technology which uses four cameras attached to vehicles. The video system gives peripheral vision for drivers and supports safe driving and parking.
The SurroundEye transmits the megapixel images from the car cameras digitally, and reduces image degradation using digital ECU processing that improves image quality up to triple the visibility of current systems.
The increased precision allows images surrounding the car to be seen with even more detail with enhanced distances, and enables drivers to intuitively view their surrounding situation.
The system also offers warning support when driving and parking a vehicle.
Z3690x257Clarion’s new in-car full digital sound system is made up of a digital processor and full digital speakers. The new “Z3” system, comprised of a processor, tweeter, and commander, the “Z7” full digital speaker, and the “Z25W” full digital subwoofer will be released next spring in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Australia.
The was designed with an emphasis on improving full digital sound playback quality. The system is highly versatile with connectivity options for a wide range of devices and also features an intuitive sound tuning function.
Previously in 2012, Clarion released in Japan the world’s first in-car full digital speaker audio system (center unit/speakers) which allowed digital audio sources to be played back (digital to digital playback*) in their native form.
For the latest system, they have achieved even higher quality audio playback based on full digital sound technology using LSI original in-car high output that can efficiently convert digital signals. By embedding a drive circuit to the speakers, an external amplifier is not needed, and it can provide advantages in cost, mountability, and weight.
Along with the full digital playback achieved with direct connection to external audio devices and high-resolution compatible smartphones (Android ), the versatile system can also be connected to a wide range of devices regardless of a car’s center head unit (genuine and commercially available systems), standards (1DIN, 2DIN), and specifications (digital output, analog output).
The system can create an optimal audio environment intuitively using smartphones and tablets.
Currently, Clarion is also in the process of developing a digital output center unit that is compatible with this new system.